Hello UK!

Welcome to Village Hats blog.  We are a new hat company to the UK, based out of Wembley.  Our website is HatsandCaps.co.uk.  We also have our own line of hats Jaxon and JonesHats.  The articles that appear here will be about our venture in the UK.  We hope that you find them helpful and insightful about everything involving hats.  To start you should know that we sell all types of hats and have been selling hats in the US for 28 years at VillageHatShop.com.  We have many different style by many major brands in the hat industry.  Take a look at our hats by style and our hats by brand.  This blog is not for us, but for you to find out about hats and to let us know what you think of the site.  if you have questions about the products on our pages or if we will be getting new products in the near future please contact us at cs@hatsandcaps.co.uk.

Thanks for reading.

Village Hats


6 thoughts on “Hello UK!

    1. Thad,

      Thanks for the question. We have been talking about opening up a store front somewhere in London, but we do not have a set date as of yet. We are shooting for next year if all goes well. We are still trying to work out all the kinks from the website and really make sure we are settled here in the UK before we make the next step to an actual store front.

      I completely understand your stance. Our biggest issue as internet hatters is with size. Just to let you, our returns/exchange department is pretty quick and as painless as can be. Also if you have any questions about hats/sizing that you can’t find on the site, we are here to help. our contacts are telephone: 08443577614 and email: cs@hatsandcaps.co.uk.

      Best regards,
      Village Hats

  1. Great to hear!

    I was looking for a Tilley hat for my birthday … a local men’s shop in Oxford has them but I will direct my wife to your site to check the price.

    Btw, welcome to the UK (from another ex-pat)!


  2. Hello,

    Can anyone help. I have a Micheal Jackson mad 2 year old. All he wants for Xmas is a Micheal Jackson hat. Been online and can’t find anywhere that does a black fedora in a childs size. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction.



    1. Rachel,

      Sorry for the late response. The only company I know of that makes a child’s trilby is Kangol. The hat is called the Kangol Kids Wool Player Trilby. I would imagine that you would need a small size for a two year old. It may take a little bit of manipulation to get the hat to look like a Michael Jackson hat, because the brim is usually up on that hat, but with a little bit of steam i think it should go down. I wish i could say that I carried that hat on my website, but we do not. I would suggest doing a google search for that specific hat and call up the companies that come up.

      I hope this helps.

      Best regards,
      Village Hats

  3. Leslie,

    We are a UK company. The British Pound has the following symbol (£). The British Pound can be anywhere from 1.50 US Dollars to 2.00 US Dollars depending on the time of year and how each country’s economy is doing. You probably want to buy from our US based website: http://www.villagehatshop.com. They sell in US dollars and have some pillbox hats available. I hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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