Stetson Hats, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Stetson Hats

One of our goals when starting this hat business (Village Hats) here in north London was to supply some of the best hats in the world.  That is why we order from the best hat manufacturers around.  We carry styles from UK manufactures such as Christys’ Hats and Kangol, and from US companies like Bailey Hats and Stetson Hats.  With Stetson specifically we feel that we have brought in the best selection in the UK.  What we didn’t realize was that many UK companies are calling their cheap, poorly made hats stetsons.

We are here to set the record straight.  Stetsons are high quality hats that do not go for under £10.  When you go to Google’s shopping section and type in Stetson, a lot of the stuff you see is low quality.  We want you to know that the real Stetsons are of the highest quality in the world and are worth the extra money.  Don’t be fooled by the low prices, most of the hats labelled Stetsons are really quite bad.  We imagine that these companies are using this famous name to trick people, or trick the search engine which delivers results to users.  Because of this, we feel the term Stetson is not what it is in the US where the brand is from.

We hope that by selling the genuine article, we can give Stetson the recognition it deserves here in the UK.  We carry authentic Stetson Hats in many styles.  From their famous cowboy hats to trilby hats and fedora hats, Stetson makes high quality hats.  So don’t be fooled.  If you see the term Stetson used with a hat for £9.95, it is most definitely a bogus, low quality hat.  If you want the real deal, give us a call, we can help you out with either a Stetson or many other high quality hats.

2 thoughts on “Stetson Hats, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. Or a Resistol,that makes also the famous cowboy straw hats in long oval crown shape-located in same town and
    manufacturing complex that The Stetson-Usa does in Texas

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