Where to find a Borsalino Hat in the UK


When we first started this website (www.hatsandcaps.co.uk) last September, we had a few customer call up and ask “Where can I find a Borsalino Hat in the UK?”

Before we get to the answer of that question perhaps we should provide some history on Borsalino. This is from one of our owners Fred Belinsky: “Many consider Italy’s Borsalino Hat Company the finest hat maker in the world. In business since 1857, the name Borsalino is synonymous with a fedora style hat that is associated with an elegence and style that is purely southern European. Borsalino however makes a wide variety of hats and caps in felt, straw and cloth. Their fastidiousness for detail, great materials and styling is true for their entire line. If you like hats and caps, you may want to introduce yourself to Borsalino.

They will be celebrating their 150th Birthday next year and they are very excited about it. We saw the Factory in 2 steps: from the old wood bins of rabbit fur being felted into sheets of loose felt, to very end where 1 woman tapes up the boxes that arrive into our stores.

Borsalino hats may be expensive, but there is a reason behind the cost. The Employees are very proud of their work and they have every right to be, each hat is made with such care and attention, it’s truly amazing. They have been in business for 149 years, let me repeat 149 years! So if you have a customer interested in a Borsalino hat, make sure they know that the hat they buy is of the utmost quality.”

Now back to the question, Where to find a Borsalino in the UK. We were not able to help our customers for some time, because no one seemed to sell these great hats online. Well, last week we received our first shipment from Borsalino for our summer ’09 order, and Borsalino did not disappoint. We are now carrying beautiful light weight flat caps and straw trilbys and fedoras from Borsalino. We also got one style of their fantastic panama hats.

4 thoughts on “Where to find a Borsalino Hat in the UK

  1. hang on. if they were started in 1857, then how can they be celebrating 150 years next year (or this year, as it may be now) ?

  2. Hi, do you have a Borsalino Kosmo size 57 cm in black in stock please or, could you advise where I might purchase one in the UK. Thanks Eileen Morris

    1. Eileen,

      Thank you for the query. Unfortunately, we do not carry the Kosmo here in the UK. The only place I can suggest is our US website: http://www.villagehatshop.com. We do not share stock with the US website, so you would need to order direct from them, but I know that postage is quite expensive to the UK.

      We will be getting a few new felt trilby and fedora styles in the autumn, but Borsalino change their styles each year, so we will probably not be able to get the Kosmo. Sorry I cannot be more help.

      Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

      Best regards,
      Village Hats

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