New Christys’ Hats exclusively sold at Village Hats!!!

Being a hat company ( in the UK, we have to carry Christys’ hats.  They are one of the most famous hat manufactures in the world.  Since we have only been up and running for little more than a year, our stock started small and is slowly getting bigger and bigger.  Well now we here at Village Hats are happy to say that we are stocking Christys’ hats made exclusively for us. 

Our buyer Bruce went out and saw the Christys’ factory outside of Oxford.  While he was there he sat down with the Christys’ team and came up with a few styles that can now be found right here at Village Hats.  The Christys’ Fur Felt Iconoclast Fedora (this is the hat modelled after the Indiana Jones style), the Christys’ Bogart Fedora (a classic c-crown or teardrop top), the Christys’ Gangster Fedora (a brushed finish gives this pinch crown fedora a very unique look)and the Christys’ Pinch Sinatra Trilby (a short brim, perhaps not what Christys’ is known for, but it turned out so good we had to get it) are now all available for order. 

We couldn’t be happier with the way these styles turned out and we hope that you feel the same.  Take a look at our full range of Christys’ hats or check out the new styles simply by clicking on the photo or the name of the hat you are interested in.  If these are as big of a hit as we think they will be, you can bet there will be some future collaboration between Christys’ and Village Hats in the future.

The Village Hats team

2 thoughts on “New Christys’ Hats exclusively sold at Village Hats!!!

  1. The dangers of wearing a fedora are many—rocking one could have you looking like JT, or your grouchy Uncle Bill, or in the worst-case scenario, Britney. And even if you can pull off the look, it’s hard to find a fedora that’s actually different from every other one in the street.

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