Casual Hat Styles Are Becoming Fashionable

Any retail company is going to rely on the brands that they carry to give hints into what will be fashionable and what will be popular in the coming months/years.  After visiting with our brands this autumn, it was clear that two classic hat styles would start becoming very fashionable over the coming months. The bucket hat and the fisherman cap.  Last year, these styles may have been considered great for Dad, but not for someone trying to keep up with the fashions of the times…but it appears that belief is going to change.


The bucket hat serves many functions, it is packable, it is usually made with a wide enough brim to keep the sun off in the summer time or made with a thick enough material to keep the rain off in the winter time. This year, it is the casual look and not the function that is making the hat style so popular for young men for 2013-2014. The bright, multi-coloured snapbacks of 2012 are going in the cupboard and will start to be replaced by classic, subtle coloured bucket hats. A tan or navy bucket will go with almost any casual look and will usually be a great bargain.

186650_2For the man looking for a slightly more refined look that is still casual enough to throw on for a walk to the shop or to the pub, the fisherman cap is the perfect style.  You may get called Captain Ahab by your mates the first few times you wear it out, but if you persist you will have a great answer to the ball cap. The style works for nearly any classification of modern man (skaters, night owls, artists, dads, students, farmers, fashionistas, musicians or those attempting to have no style) they can all feel comfortable wearing a fisherman’s cap . All you need to decide is if you want the plain coloured fisherman cap or one with a two toned look where there is a leather brim or a corduroy crown.


As is the case with all men’s headwear, women can wear these hats and usually, wear them better than men.  From girls to ladies, it seems these two styles are penetrating the wardrobes across the UK.  Be sure to keep an eye on your hats men, or your partner might get a great new hat while you aren’t looking.

so get ready for 2014 with one of these causal hat styles.

shop for fisherman caps

shop for bucket hats


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