Top Five Winter Hats for Women

A winter hat not only keeps you nice and warm as the temperature drops, but looks great too.

To help with you choose your winter hat, Village Hats have provided you with our customers top five most popular choice of hat.

We hope you see something you like! If not you can take a look at our full women’s winter hats section by clicking here.

1. Betmar Hats Boy Meets Girl Newsboy Caps – Chocolate

winter hats for women

This hat is a great everyday winter hat; the shape is a lot more popular with women than a traditional newsboy cap. Our customers have often told us that the extra room at the top of the cap allows for long or thick hair to be tucked up into it, but also looks great when worn with your hair down too. This hat will protect you from the elements whether you are walking the dog or on your daily commute to work. The hat is available in a great range of colours too.

Available colours: Chocolate, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Red, Camel, Purple

2. Jaxon and Jones Vinyl Rain Bucket Hat – Black

Winter Hat for Women

This vinyl rain bucket hat will be sure to keep you dry in style. The vinyl material adds a bit of chique when dressed up with a sleek winter coat and boots. This winter hat is also very practical as it is easily rolled or folded into a pocket or jacket when required. As the cheapest hat in our top five winter hats no wonder it made the list, you might even want to buy two!

Available colours: Black

3. Betmar Hats Flower Beret – Charcoal

Winter Hat for Women

The flowers on this beret makes this is a charming and distinct winter hat for women. The unique design positioned either at the front or at the side of your head. This hat is a great winter warmer on a night out or with work wear for an added touch of elegance. You will no doubt receive a number of compliments when wearing this hat.

Available colours: Charcoal, White, Pink

4. Olney Berry Waterproof Bucket Hat – Brown

Winter Hat for Women

This is a popular winter hat for a mature woman. The warm autumn colours are a great alternative to the darker coloured winter hats featured in our top five. The fleece lining, waterproof waxed cotton as well as the adjustable sizing makes this a winter essential.

Available colours: Brown

5. sur la tete Alpine Princess – Black

Winter Hat for Women

This stylish winter hat really looks the part when worn with your best winter wardrobe whether at home or on holiday in a cold climate. The faux fur trim adds the extra wow factor and is often what appeals to our customers. The thickness of that hat definitely makes it a head warmer so best worn on those especially cold trips out. You will no doubt receive compliments when wearing this hat.

Available colours: Black, Chocolate, Camel

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