Winter Hats for Men

We have listed for you some classic and popular winter hats for men.  These winter hats come in a variety of styles and are designed to be durable and warm due to the quality materials used.  Some of these styles are also inspired by popular films.

Stetson Hats Burney Leather Newsboy Cap

This hat is made from 100% leather and 100% cotton twill lining.  The light coloured leather material gives the hat a worn look.  The material is also naturally water resistant.  A stylish classic winter hat for men that looks better the more it is worn.

winter hat for men

Kangol 504 Wool Flat Cap – Black

Another classic style in our range of winter hats for men.  The Kangol 504 is 100% wool and available in a range of colours including Burgundy, Camel, Dark Flannel, Loden, Navy, Red and Tobacco.  The number 504 was the assigned to the unique shape of hat which has become a classic.

winter hat for men

Failsworth Hats Harris Tweed Lewis Newsboy Cap

A distinct newsboy cap made 100% Harris Tweed.  The eight panel design is made from patchwork woven by various islanders in the Outer Hebrides.  This winter hat for men is warm, fashionable and unique. We have limited pieces left so don’t miss out!


Indiana Jones Hats Promotional Fedora

Inspired by the man himself, the hat was designed with the release of the fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in mind.  This winter hat for men is also very practical with a wide brim, 100% water resistant wool felt and non lined to make the hat that much more flexible.

winter hat for men

Jaxon and Jones Hats Detroit Trilby Hat

A great winter hat for a night out or on the go, the narrow brim is stylish and practical for a man about town.  This hat is made from 100% crushable, water-repellent, wool felt.  This is a new addition to our range but we can tell it will turn into a classic winter hat for men.

winter hat for men

3 thoughts on “Winter Hats for Men

  1. Thanks Village Hats, Explained nicely about all style hats for cold weather season. Who wear these stylish hats and couldn’t be looks good. Well, Impressed with your collection of styles!

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