Hats & Pop Culture

The trend in pop culture is definitely the bigger and crazier the better.  Some may say that if you’ve got a unique style then flaunt it, others may say that it definitely helps to grab the headlines.  Either way there are some hats that really do make a statement.  You can see some of the best artists in terms of hats and pop culture we have found.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell’s oversized, Canadian mountie inspired hat makes a statement with a number of outfits, he also opts for traditional fedora styles too.

Pharrell 193 x 256Pharrell 196 x 257Pharrell 188 x 257

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s hat style can be classed as extravagant, crazy and haute couture at its very best.

Gaga 143x255 Gaga 174x257 Gaga 184 x 257

Will I Am

Will I Am manages to mix extravagant and casual headwear very well, opting for unique colours and materials in traditional hat shapes.

Will 175x194 Will 188x196 Will 241 x 197

Boy George

Boy Georges music and hat style is heavily influenced by rhythm blues and reggae.

George 126x202 George 202x202 George 252x252

Nicky Minaj

Colourful, bold and animated is the only way to describe the style of Nicki Minaj and her hats.

Minaj 154x225 Minaj 225x225 Minaj 169x225

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