City Sport Caps! Quality headwear since 1898!

City Sport was founded in 1898 by Victor Declercq and his wife Marie Olivier.  Victor Declercq was a well groomed man, who was incredibly precise about his own appearance.  This precision made him a perfectionist when it came to his hats! Victor ensured the hats were made to the highest quality.  Employing highly skilled local craftspeople to ensure the hats were as well formed, as the moustache on his face.

The moustache in point !
The moustache in point !

At Village Hats we have the pleasure of retailing this brilliant brand, and we have just received our summer shipment!  The shipment contained some fine examples of great summer caps.  Check out our top 6 City Sport styles for spring/summer!


City Sport Linen Newsboy cap in Oatmeal!


This cap is perfect for summer! Made from a lightweight, breathable linen, this classic style will not let you down!


City Sport Panama Safari Fedora Hat in Tan!


You cannot go wrong with a Panama! Summer style like no other! Light weight, and great for sun protection.


City Sport 6 Piece Silk Newsboy cap! 


This style is beautifully made and features a classic herringbone pattern, you are sure to look sharp in this cap. Perfect for mid season, and summer wear.


City Sport Extended Bill Linen Flat cap in grey!


The extended bill on this cap is a different spin on the classic flat cap. The darker colour will make you feel mysterious, like a handsome stranger who enjoys sun protection and brilliantly made hats! If you fancy this cap but want it in lighter colours we have it available in light blue & cream !


City Sport Summer Mico Herringbone Flat Cap in Coral!


Not your typical choice for the top 6 due to the unusual colour, but this great coral herringbone flat cap is simply stunning! Anyone who wears this cap is bound to look worth a million! Not so brave? This beauty is also available in light grey and light blue.


City Sport Panama Trilby Hat in Natural! 


We could not end this list without including a Trilby.  The Trilby hat is a summer staple, and the City Sport Panama Trilby is no exception.  Perfect for those lazy days in the park!

Hope you enjoyed our Top 6 City Sport styles for spring/summer!

While you are at it, why not checkout our full range of hats at!

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