Warmer weather, outdoor adventures, North Face hats!

The North Face®

What a journey.  Started in 1966 by Doug Tompkins.  The North Face® was originally a retail, and mail order company based in San Francisco.  The companies ethos was, and still is about “building the best gear for the outdoors, supporting the preservation of wild places, and inspiring a global movement of outdoor exploration.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t embark on an outdoor adventure without my trusty North Face cap.  Here at Village Hats we have just received news that it’s about to get warm in the UK! When the sun shines in the UK, it’s the perfect time for getting together with your family, and experiencing the wonderful outdoors!


But!  As the weather is unruly, you do not want to go unprepared.  The following are some North Face products hand picked by everyone at Village Hats that will save you and your family from the temperamental UK weather!

For The Kids! 


& For You!

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The North Face® hats are perfect for hot weather, and outdoors wear!

We hope you have enjoyed our selection! This summer be protected from the elements with The North Face!

You can view The North Face® hats full range here OR visit Village Hats to view the entirety of our collection!

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