Kangol for a great Easter weekend!

For those who are impatiently waiting for next weekend – yes, I am talking about Easter weekend and the two amazing bank holidays that go with it (don’t pretend that you have not been thinking about that since the beginning of March) – today’s article is for you!

At Village Hats, we have just received a shipment of the new spring and summer collection of Kangol hats and we think that many of these hats would just be perfect for Easter weekend, whatever your plans are.

For those who don’t know about Kangol yet, here two reasons we love of this brand: first, it’s a well established brand – it was created in 1938 – and second, it is English! Indeed, the brand was founded in Cumbria, so it is not vain to claim that its hats are incredibly elegant and meet the highest manufacturing standards.

Here is a selection of Kangol hats that look like the perfect accessories for several activities you may very well end up doing next weekend:

The Kangol Hats Plaid Flexfit 504 Flat Cap in burgundy and tan 


Absolutely perfect for an Easter egg hunt, this cap will allow you to melt into the background. But whether being mistaken for a giant egg is part of your plan or not, what is sure is that this cap has numerous advantages. It will in particular protect you from the sun while keeping you cool thanks to its two eyelets on both sides.

The Kangol 504 Wool Flat Cap in dark flannel 


If you live in the Peak District area and have been experiencing snow for these first days of Spring, this wool flat cap may unfortunately be a more sensible choice for an Easter egg hunt…  Warm, breathable and durable, it will protect you against any harsh weather.

The Kangol Flat Cap Tropic 504 Ventair in white


Whether you are planning to go to Church for a mass or to attend one of the numerous Easter concerts that will take place, or would just be happy with a nice Easter Sunday roast, this elegant flat cap will be the perfect match. Comfortable to wear but also very good-looking thanks to its stylistic weave, it has everything to be the perfect hat.

The Kangol Hats Split Flexfit Baseball Cap in black 


If you love nature and have a planned an adventurous weekend in the countryside or the mountains, this baseball cap will be your best ally! Featuring a Flexfit sweatband and eyelets for ventilation, it is also quite original thanks to its crosshatch pattern.

The Kangol Hats Union Spey Cotton Bucket Hat in natural 


This hat is also a good alternative to the Plaid Flexfit 504 Flat Cap for an Easter egg hunt, or could also be used for a walk in the woods. It is an amazing sun hat – it features eyelets and has an exceptional 5cm wide brim! – with a cheerful look thanks to the multi-colour specks that have been woven in its fabric.

We hope that you enjoyed our Kangol selection and that you feel even more ready for a great Easter weekend!

If you would like to check out our full collection you can do so at Village Hats!


Village Hats

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