Goorin Bros

Dear Village Hats’ readers, today, let’s talk about Goorin Brothers. Yes, it seems like a high time to introduce this legendary hats’ brand to you.

It all started in the small American town of Pittsburgh in the end of the 19th century. At that time, Cassel Goorin, a craftsman, was riding his horse through town to sell custom hats to the residents and it was working damn well! He quickly became famous with the locals thanks to his commitment to create the ideal hat for each of his customers. At the beginning of the 20th century, Cassel passed his craftsmanship on to his sons, Alfred and Ted – this is how the “Goorin Brothers” brand was born. In 1949, the brothers decided to leave Pittsburgh to establish their new headquarters in sunny California and, decades afterwards, that looks like a good move…


What about the brand today? It is managed by Cassel’s great grand-son and is far from smelling of dust. On the contrary, it succeeded in keeping its traditional and authentic spirit while evolving to remain trendy throughout centuries – Goorin Brothers were in particular influenced by the 1990’s counter-cultural movement and the brand offers, among its huge line, caps with a very urban design.

If you have not got it yet, we are, at Village Hats, proud to carry this brand whose history seems to come straight from a fairy tale.

Here is a selection of hats that are ideal in every circumstance and will particularly please those who are planning an urban holiday for the summer. And, to help you in your choice, we associated each hat with a great touristic city you may want to visit this summer.

The Goorin Eric B Trilby in brown 


This hat’s brown headband matches the edges of the brim. It is not only elegant; it is also extremely comfortable to wear thanks to its sweatband. Best matching city: Paris, or even San Francisco, for its trendy side

The Cuba Straw Trilby Hat in brown 


This lightweight summer trilby hat with a stingy curved brim comes with a unique headband that adds a touch of heat and folly to its look. Best matching city: Havana of course!

The Macey Floppy Sun Hat in natural


The wide brim on this hat will protect you against the sun and the vintage look is so timeless that you won’t be able to go out without it once you’ve tried it on. Best matching city: Athens, Rome or any other city combining sun and architectural wonders

The Ricado Straw Fedora in natural 


This very well ventilated straw Fedora can fit either for a cocktail in a remote exotic city or for a walk in the steep alleys of a historical town. Best matching city: Lisbon or, for those of you who feel more adventurous, Buenos Aires

The King Trucker Cap 


You can definitely count on this unisex trucker cap to bring out your bestial side! Best matching city: Detroit (especially if you are a supporter of the Detroit Lions), New-York or any other cool American city where football rules.

You can have a look at all our Goorin Bros Hats just here!


Village Hats

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