Summer hats for your summer style!

Summer is almost here.  Time to get excited about the beautiful weather, the beach, the festivals, picnics in the park and good times!  But one thing we should not take lightly is sun protection! I know, I know, I’m such a bore, but sun protection needn’t be a chore!  You can now enjoy a carefree summer, and look great in an amazing range of hats.

A fantastic look for men and women of all ages is the Panama.  This classic style will have you keep you cool, and sweat free (one can hope) through those hot summer nights!  Panama hats are hand woven in Ecuador and were made to protect against the humidity and heat.   Below is a great image of the model Miranda Kerr rocking a great looking Panama Hat! Check out this great style by clicking —> here! <—


Not quite the Panama type?  You cannot go wrong with a classic baseball cap! Perfectly relaxed, and great on a hot day! Check out Robert Pattison wearing an L.A Dodgers cap!  Fancy matching Rob Pattison? Your in luck!  We actually carry the exact hat that is protecting Vampire bud from the sun!  Check out the L.A dodgers 59-fifty baseball —> here


Want to walk along sandy beaches rocking a relaxed successful musician vibe?  Why not follow in Gwen Stephani’s footsteps and get yourself a trilby. This shape became incredibly popular in the early 2000s and it’s due for a comeback! Protect your head, and feel awesome in one of our trilby range!  We have a section specifically for women, and men! But honestly all of the hats can be worn by anyone, so go crazy! Check out our range for women by clicking —> here <— and our range for men by clicking here  —> here <—


Feeling a bit more chill this summer? Check out Channing Tat-YUM in a fantastic flat cap!  This guy is looking relaxed and cool on a hot summer day.


Want to see our full flat cap and newsboy hat range?  Check it out by clicking  —> here <—

We hope this post has left you feeling inspired about your summer style. If you didn’t see anything you like, check out our full range for more summer inspiration at Village Hats,!

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