How to avoid the summer showers with our great selection of rain bucket hats!


Take a look out of your window; embrace the sunshine and beautiful blue skys, imagine sitting in a park and having a lovely picnic with your family and friends sipping on some pims… then realise you are in England and at the moment there’s no such thing as summer!

But do not fear! We are here to help! Here are some useful tips to keep you and your family dry from those summer showers!

For him: the Tilley Packable Hat – T3 


The Tilley Packable Hat – T3 is the MacGyver of the hats, and it is not too much saying. Indeed, Tilley is probably the best of the best among outdoor’s hats’ brands. And the very popular T3 will be ideal to protect you from the rain, of course, but also from the sun and the wind, in every circumstance. Whether on a cliff top walk on the White Cliffs, on a boat tour or waiting for a giant fish to bite, you can be sure that the T3 will remain stuck on your head thanks to its wind cord.

For her: the Patagonia Hats Wavefarer Water Repellent Bucket Hat


Once again, this hat combines sun protection and durable water repellent finish, which makes it an ideal companion for any walk. But it can also be worn on various daily occasions: picking up your kids from school, going to your local outdoor market… What is sure is that with its eye catching pattern, this hat will make you stand out from the crowd!

For little him: the North Face Kids Reversible Bucket Hat – Camouflage


Apart from the fact that your kid will love playing with this hat thanks to its cool camouflage pattern that will brighten his hide-and-seek games, this bucket hat is very convenient: it is packable, so can easily be folded and slipped into a backpack. Effective against sun and light rain, it has a last trump card: it is reversible!

For little not so little her: Scala Hats Reversible Vinyl Bucket – Black


With this bucket hat, you can be sure that your grumpy teenager will stop complaining about rainy weather. If she’s a grunge’s style follower, she will be happy to wear the Scala Hats Reversible Vinyl bucket hat on its vinyl’s face. If she’s more of a Pin-up follower, the dots face of this bucket hat should give her what she needs.

This is only a small selection of the great hats that you can find on our website and that will be your saviours this summer, no matter what the weather is like. To see more rain hats for men, it’s here and for women it’s here.

We hope you are feeling ready for great family’s excursions in Britain!

Sophie & Amélie

Village Hats

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