Feel like a movie star with our selection of fabulous hats!


Have you ever watched a movie and wondered “oh where can I get that hat from? I love it” or “that hat must be very expensive as it’s in a movie but I really want it!” well guess what! We have a selection of amazing hats that you may have seen in some of your favourite films and we may have the hat you so very desire to have! So sit back, grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Let’s start with the Indiana Jones hats, we have a huge selection of these hats but my all time favourite has got to be the Indiana Jones fur felt fedora. This is the official licensed Indiana Jones™ Fedora style hat, that’s right the official one! It is 100% fur felt, has a sweat band and side pin embossment. This is the perfect hat for either a fancy dress party or every day wear, which ever you fancy! You could even wear one on a family vacation, like if you were going camping or hiking, make yourself really feel like Indiana Jones!! If you would like to see our full selection of Indiana Jones hats then please click this link


Next we have the Bowler hat; one of the most famous films that these hats are featured in is the Charlie Chaplin movies, such as Modern Time, The Kid and The Great Dictator. We sell a selection of Bowler hats; one of our most popular Bowler hats is the Christy’s fur felt bowler. They are handmade and 100% fur felt, the crown measures 4 ½ inches and the brim is 2 inches wide. It also has satin lining so it’s very comfortable and soft. If you would like to feel like Charlie Chaplin then these hats will be perfect for you! If you would like to see our full selection of Bowler hats then please click this link

   Untitled Untitled

And we can’t forget the kids; why not take a look at our cowboy hats, like our red and white Jaxon cow boy hat. Let the little ones feel like Jessie from Toy Story this summer! This adorable hat is made of 100% wool, has an adjustable chin strap and an elasticised sweat band. This hat will be perfect for that trip to Disney land where your little ones can really dress up as one of their favourite characters of all time! If you would like to see our full selection of hats for the little ones, please click this link

      Untitled Untitled

Lastly we have the Fez hat! This hat has been worn in many films such as the Austin powers movies and a night in casablanca . This hat comes in a variety of different colours and also different colour tassels. They are also perfect for any fancy dress occasion or every day wear. If you would like to see our huge selection of Fez hats then please this link

  Untitled Untitled

I hope this post has finally put your mind at rest of where you may wish to buy the hat that you have wanted for so many years! If you would like to see our full selection of hats then please visit our website



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