The perfect selection of hats for the little ones this summer! Do it for the kids!!


The summer holidays are upon us; it’s time to get out that paddling pool, clean up your BBQ for those lovely long days outside with your family and to protect your little ones from those harmful sunshine rays!  We have taken a selection of our hats that are stylish and cool; we even have ones that resemble some of their favourite cartoon characters! So why not take a look below!

Let’s start with the bucket hat! Ideal for those day trips out to the park, seaside or even a day of fishing! Its the perfect hat! They are breathable and packable, super comfy and come in a variety of colours with eye catching designs. Like the Dorfman pacific kids washed bucket hat, the boys can really feel like a real ninja turtle with this hat and for the girls we have the Tilley Hats floral bucket hat that is reversible, so one side is a beautiful flower design and on the other side it has a pink design with tiny dots on! Adorable! To see our full selection of bucket hats please click here 

          Untitled  Untitled
UntitledNext we have our baseball caps; these traditional hats are adjustable and normally have eyelets on the panel of the hat so that they can help your kids to stay cool on those warm hot days.  We have a huge selection of base ball caps but one of our most popular makes in which we sell are New Era, like the New Era kids 9FORTY L.A. Dodgers baseball cap in red. This hat is comfortable yet trendy! Even better so they can really feel like T.J. Detweiler from recess this half term, its identical! And we can’t forget the girls; we also have the Bart’s hats kids’ fluke cotton 5 panel baseball caps in pink. This hat is covered with stars and is bright pink! It will make your little girl feel like a little star! Amazing!  If you would like to see our huge selection of baseball caps then please click here

               Untitled  Untitled

Last but not least we have our trilby hats, these hats are fashionable and are unisex so the kids don’t need to fight over which trilby hat they want and they can go with any outfit. One of our favourite Trilby hats for the younger generation is the Barts hats kids’ holbox Trilby hat in red or blue. Both have a cotton sweat band inside for comfort and a lovely striped design which adds a unique look. They would be suitable for any event or trip out, So why not treat the kids this summer to one! They will make them stand out from the crowd and their friends will be envious of them! If you would like to see our full range of Trilby hats then please click here

                 Untitled     Untitled

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday and If you would like to see our full range of hats then please click here




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