The festival season is upon us! Look groovy in our hats!!


The festival season is here!!! Glastonbury, Wireless or Party In The Park! the perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy some amazing music. But before you venture off to those epic summer festivals that everyone wants to attend, you need to think about purchasing a hat! Think about it, you will spend most of your day dancing around in the sunshine, having a few drinks and you will want to make sure you won’t burn your barnet! This is where we can help; we have picked the perfect hats for your festival occasion! Why not take a look below at our hats that will fulfill your festival desires, which will make you stand out from the crowd and look amazing all at the same time!

First of all you need a hat with a large brim, which has unique designs and will of course protect you from the sunshine. What better choice than the traditional floppy hat. One of our most popular floppy hats is the Sur la Tete Jardin sun hat that is multi coloured, has a 12.5cm wide brim with an adjustable drawstring linen sweatband and a lovely unique flower design. This hat is also packable so it is perfect for popping into your hand bag after a long day of partying and it will definitely make you the center of everyone’s attention! It’s perfect! If you would like to see our huge selection of floppy hats then please click here.

 Untitled  Untitled

Next we have the straw hats in which we have a huge selection of different styles like the trilby, boater or fedora. All these hats would be perfect for a summer festival epically the straw fedoras, like the Brixton hats maddock straw fedora in sand. This hat is made from 100% straw and has a black grosgrain band with the Brixton logo attached. This hat also has a large brim which measures to 7.5cm and the crown height is 12cm. It would be perfect and stylish for festivals, as it is straw it is very breathable so it will keep you nice and cool! Also it will prevent you from getting a sweaty forehead! Nobody likes a sweaty forehead! It also comes in olive and brown, so you could have a selection of these hats to go with any outfit. If you would like to see our huge selection of straw hats then please click here.

   Untitled Untitled  Untitled

If you would like something small but that will still protect you from the sun I would suggest a sun visor. We have sun visors made of straw, polyester and cotton. These hats are ideal if you would like something to keep the sun off your face that’s not too big. One of my favourite sun visors has got to be the Betmar hats dunewood sun visor in natural. This hat is fitted with a terrycloth sweat band for extra comfort and has a blue ribbon attached to it but if blue is not your colour then we have the black ribbon version too! Both are adorable! And we cannot forget the lovely bow that is added on for that wow factor. It is packable and adjustable and has a 10cm brim length. Amazing or what! If you would like to see our full selection of sun visors please click here.

 Untitled   Untitled

However if you’re worried that your festival could turn into a washout as some festivals do experience a lot of rain we have our rain hats that will save you from the heavy downpour. Like our huge selection of bucket hats, water resistant baseball caps and flat caps. A great choice would be the Joules packable rainy day waterproof bucket hat in hot pink. This hat is also packable; it is 100% polyester and has a 5.5cm brim. Hopefully your weekend will not be ruined by the rain! If you would like to see our full selection of rain hats then please click here.

  Untitled   Untitled

I hope this has been helpful and you will enjoy your festivals whatever the weather may be! If you would like to see our full selection of hats then please visit our website



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