Protect yourself from the heat wave with our hats!!

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Well it finally looks like England may have summer this year, with an unexpected heat wave which has sprung upon us!  Temperatures are soaring up to 35 °!!  Help to prevent burning your scalp this summer with our hats! We have a variety of Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ Sun hats that will protect your barnet from the sun and they will also keep you cool. Here are a few hats in which we think will be perfect for this summer’s heat wave!

Let’s begin with our Tilley hats; we have a huge selection of these hats in different colours and designs. One of our most popular Tilley hats is the TH4 which is breathable, has a sun protection of factor 50+, light weight and water repellent. It is machine washable and is also a unisex hat. This hat is perfect for the heat wave as it has a large brim so it will protect your face from those harmful rays and it’s also really comfy so it will feel like you’re not even wearing a hat! If you would like to see our full selection of Tilley hats please click here.

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Next we have our Patagonia Hats, these hats are ideal if you like to spend most of your days outside in the sunshine or travel a lot. Like the Patagonia hats Bimini water repellent flap cap in green, which is 100% nylon, it is water repellent and has a coolmax headband inside that helps to hold in moisture. This hat has a rear drape that shields your neck and ears from the sun; it has an adjustable rear buckle with elastic for a secure and comfy fit. If you would like to see our full selection of Patagonia Hats then please click here.

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We can’t forget our Scala hats, like the Scala Lanikai Packable Sun Hat in Natural; this hat is made from 100% cotton, is packable and has a UP50+ sun protection. Also there are drawstrings inside the hat so you can adjust the hat to get the perfect fit. These hats are ideal as they have a large brim and they can be folded away into your handbag or suitcase when no longer in use. This hat also comes in different colours, so you could have different colours of this hat for any outfit you desire! Why not purchase one of these beautiful hats today! You won’t regret it!! If you would like to see our full range of Scala hats then please click here.

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Last but not least we have the Dorfman Pacific Shower Resistant Cotton Safari in Khaki. These hats are also water repellent, super comfy and come in different colours. This hat will make you feel like a movie star like Indiana Jones, you could wear it on fishing trips or when you go camping!!  Wherever you are going this would be suitable for any outfit or occasion. These hats are also breathable so they will keep you cool during this humid heat wave season!! If you would like to see our full range of Dorfman Pacific hats then please click here.

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We hope this has been helpful and will help you during the summer heat wave! If you would like to visit our full website then please click here.



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