What hats to wear at Wimbledon?!


The Championships, Wimbledon, or just Wimbledon as it is more commonly referred to, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and arguably the most famous. This tournament is most popular for its celebrity’s and fashion icons that come to spectate the sport every year. Some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked is “what kind of hats can you wear to Wimbledon?” and ” What hat willl go with my outfit?!” Well as you will be sitting outside most of the day in the blazing sunshine, you would therefore need something to keep you cool, protected  and stylish all at the same time. This is where we are able to help as we have a huge selection of hats from straw hats to baseball caps to fedoras, which ever your style we may have the perfect hat for you! So have a look below at our top picks for Wimbledon this summer!

So to start, you will need a hat that will protect your face and neck during Wimbledon and what better that then the Brixton Joanna straw sun Hat in natural. This hat is made of 100% straw, has a brim length of 9cm and crown height of 10.5cm. It would be ideal as it’s breathable, comfortable and fashionable. You will stand out from the crowd in this hat, its eye catching and stylish. It also has a black grosgrain ribbon attached to it so it gives it a unique design. This hat is adorable and will go with any outfit! It’s also a unisex hat! If you would like to see our full range and different styles of these hats then please visit our Straw Hat section on our website.

  Untitled  Untitled

However if you would like a hat that is smaller and sporty looking then may I suggest the Nike golf hats ball marker baseball cap in white. This hat is comfortable, breathable and 100% polyester. It has a stay cool technology and drift technology included which keeps you dry and cool when the weather is hot. These hats are adjustable as they have a Velcro strap at the back so you can get a nice comfortable fit. You can really feel like Andy Murray in this hat as it is identical and is easy to pack away when not in use. Why not dress the part and buy one of our baseball caps today! We have a huge selection of different brands and styles, Please visit our Base Ball hat section if you would like to see our full range.

 Untitled  Untitled

Next we have our Panama hats, like the Olney hats snap brim Panama Fedora with a striped band ribbon. This hat was woven in Ecuador then flown to the United Kingdom and then taken on by Olney. It has a lovely 4inch high crown and 3 inch snap brim. It provides great protection from the sun as it has such a large brim and it also includes a sweat band for extra comfort. This beautiful hat is a must have, it will go with any outfit and is one of most popular Panama hats in which we sell, it is also a unisex hat. Imagine sitting in the crowd and feeling like royalty with this eye catching hat, everyone will envy you and will want to have your style! We have a huge selection of designs and styles in these hats, so everyone can find their ideal hat! Please visit our website to see our full range of our Panama Hats.

  Untitled  Untitled

Last but not least we have the traditional sunhat. One of our most eye catching sun hats is the Betmar Ramona hat in turquoise. With its large brim that measures up to 5 inches it will be sure to keep you protected from those harmful rays. It has a cotton sweat band inside for comfort and to keep you cool, it is also made from 88% paper straw and has a beautiful belt attached. It comes in either the colour natural, pink or turquoise. This stunning hat would be perfect for Wimbledon, you will be the talk of the day and its so cute! We have various styles and designs, so you may find the perfect hat for Wimbledon or even to take on holiday! Please visit our Summer Hat section on our website to see our full range.

  Untitled  Untitled

I hope this has given you an idea of what kind of hats you can wear at Wimbledon, please remember to drink water and use sun cream as this month’s heat wave is in full force! If you haven’t seen a hat that you like then please visit Village Hats to see our full range and to find a hat that will be suitable for you!!



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