What’s the best hat to wear to the beach?


Just imagine sitting on the beach, feeling the beautiful white sand in-between your toes, smelling the fresh sea air whilst being covered in sun bathing oil and sipping on a few cocktails…But wait… you haven’t thought about what kind of hat to wear that will protect you from getting burnt and will keep you cool have you?! Have no fear! We are here to help! Below we have picked out our must haves for that beach destination. Whether it’s in England or abroad, we have a huge selection of hats like sun hats, floppy hats, bucket hats and fedoras. Whichever you fancy! We may have the style to suit you! So sit back and relax as we help you find the perfect hat for your beach break!

The most common hat you will see at the beach this summer is the floppy hat. These hats are ideal as they have a large brim so they provide extra protection from the sun’s rays and are very stylish. For example the Betmar Hats Fleur Sun Hat in Natural, this hat is made from 50% straw and 50% polyester. The brim length is 13.5cm wide, so it will provide you with great protection and it also includes a sweat band for extra comfort. This beautiful hat will make you stand out from the crowd and it’s on sale!! Please visit our Betmar Hats section on our website if you would like to see our full range.

 Untitled  Untitled

Next we have our bucket hats. These are also good if you would like a hat to protect your face from the sun however the brim is a lot smaller then our floppy hats. One of our most popular bucket hats is the King Apparel Reversible Urbane Leopard Bucket Hat in White and Black. This hat is reversible, has a lovely leopard print design on one side of the hat but once turned inside out it becomes a black bucket hat! Amazing! This hat would go with any outfit and is made from 100% cotton. It is also very similar to Just Biebars hat, so you can feel like a pop star on the beach this summer with this adorable hat! Please visit our Bucket Hats section on our website to see our full range

 Untitled Untitled


Another must have for your beach destination has got to be the Tilley Hat TO55 Organic Cotton and Hemp Hat in the colour Natural. This hat is fully breathable, so it will keep you cool on those hot days on the beach. It has a hidden sunglasses holder with a Velcro strap, its unisex so it’s suitable for men and women! It’s water repellent and has a chin cord so if it’s a windy day at the beach it will stay on your head and won’t blow off into the sea! This gorgeous hat is also water repellent and it will not shrink when it gets wet and its machine washable! Amazing! Please visit our website if you would like to see our full range of Tilley Hats.

 Untitled Untitled


Last but not least we have our Bailey Hats Blackburn Fedora in Natural. This beautiful hat will protect you from the sun and will add style to any outfit you desire. It is made from 100% paper straw, has a 7.5 cm brim and a 10cm high crown. This hat is eye catching and has a beautiful ribbon attached with a bailey pin at the side. This hat is a must have! It’s gorgeous! Please visit our website if you would like to see our full range of Fedora hats.

 Untitled  Untitled

We hope this post has inspired you, if you would like to see our full range of different hats then please visit our website, we also have a massive summer sale on at the moment so check it out!



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