Sports Hats! You wanted em! You got em!

Ever get that itch to really re-assess your lifestyle?  You’re sitting at your desk, snacking on crisps, feeling low energy?  You know what you need to do… Deep down, we all know we need to eat better, and of course(some say unfortunately) EXERCISE! And in this lovely temperate(deploy the sarcasm police) country of ours, if you intend to exercise outside, you need a to wear a hat during your work out! Or hobby, depending on how you decide to view the burn! So to start off with, lets talk the most commonly talked about exercise, the one we have all had a go at, spluttering up and down a field!  Running!  You will know if someone likes to run, because they will tell you(much like vegans).  Truthfully there is no judgement here, we at Village Hats love to run!  So here are my top two picks for running hats, but wait… two picks?  Are you crazy, that’s two too many choices! Well let’s be kind to our British selves, we have had a lovely summer haven’t we? Which makes it necessary for a summer, and a winter choice. So enough of the verbosity, on with the best running hats!

Firstly Summer! Because it’s not over yet!

Nike Hats DB Performance Pro Trucker Cap – Charcoal


There are a couple of reasons this is my favourite, firstly it’s a dark colour, which is great for disguising sweat, but it also has dri-fit technology, which also helps with sweat!  And lets be honest you will look so much cooler in dark colours, like a mysterious working out person(detective) guy!

My second choice for running outdoors hats is a classic Beanie Hat.  In fact this choice isn’t just for running, it’s for most outdoor sports in winter.

Patagonia Hats Fishermans Rolled Beanie Hat – Black  


You might be thinking, black again? But not only will you look 100% cooler working out in a black beanie hat, but you will feel like freaking Rocky!

Rocky Balboa steps

Next up is an all-rounder by Tilley.  I’ve selected this one on the grounds not only is it perfect for walking, hiking,or even hunting outdoors, you are also safe in the knowledge that your awesome hat is insured for life!

Tilley Hats Waxed Cotton TWC7


So I’m breaking away from black, this hat is an awesome dark olive colour.  The perfect colour to make anyone feel like an adventurer! Not only does it look great, but the waxed cotton fabric feels fantastic!

And finally, with great consideration,  I think we all need a novelty yachting cap.  Even this dog thinks so!


I’m literally amazed, and excited that we stock this cap! Let’s all get our boat licenses and be captains, and most importantly wear this hat!

Village Hats White Yacht Cap! 


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it!, Keep checking back each week for our exciting blogs!  Next week who knows what the post will be!


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