NFL! Football Season is Here! Hats! Beer! Hot dogs! FOOTBALL!

Football season has started!  Excitement is in the air!  Along with the smell of our favourite things, beer, hot dogs, and freshly cut grass!  Woah!  Slow down buddy, enough with the excitement, how about some history? Well, ok!  The National Football League dates back to the 1920s.  Initially founded as the  American Professional Football Association, they didn’t adopt the NFL title until 1922.

in the 1960s the NFL had a rival league, the American Football League, the two leagues fought over players, and drove up their salaries in bidding wars.  In 1965 Joe Namath famously signed to the New York Jets for $427,000!  But in the 1966s, the leagues stopped their fussin’ and a fightin’, and decided to merge.  It was decided the NFL & AFL would continue as the NFL.  And while they kept the National Football League name, they carry on some classic AFL traditions, such as names on player’s jerseys, and the on-field game clock!  The NFL is America’s most watched sport, and has 32 teams to date.

So get to watching!  Maybe you are a purist and support the one of the founding teams, the Chicago Bears?  Or maybe your favourite team is the 3rd team to join the party, the Green Bay Packers?  The NFL is one of the most watched sports in America, and as the season is just beginning, you still have plenty of time to get your merch, and support your team!

Sun or snow Village Hats has all your NFL merchandise needs covered!





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