Autumn Got You Down?

It shouldn’t!  This is the perfect time to don your favourite autumnal hat, take walks, and joyfully kick autumn leaves!  And boy have we got some great new brands that would suit your Autumn needs.

When choosing your next hat, we think you should consider the brand, Lyle & Scott.

Lyle & Scott were founded in 1874.  But they weren’t the apparel shop they are today, no, initially Lyle & Scott predominately made underwear! Since then they have collaborated with Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Liberty, Bergdorf Goodman and Michael Kors.  And their products have been worn by Golfers, Crooners and Rock Stars a like! Each product in this great brand features a small embroidered golden eagle that serves as the Brand’s logo.


Lyle & Scott beanie, featuring their trademark Golden Eagle logo.

We currently have a great selection of these caps available to purchase at by clicking here —>Lyle & Scott


Want more?  Who doesn’t!  The next brand perfect for autumn wear is Joules.  Joules is another great UK Brand, started around 25 years ago by Tom Joule.  Tom Joule traveled around the UK selling his brightly coloured wares.  Now Joules is a multi-store brand, And appears in many department stores!

Not only does Joules have great hats for adults, but also a fantastic kid’s range.    Clothe the whole family!



Enjoy your Autumn even more with a Hat from Village Hats !



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