-Baseball Hats For The Not-So-Avid Baseball Watcher-

So you want to wear a MLB baseball cap, but know nothing about the sport? You like the look of those vintage logos, but ‘striking out’ is nothing more than a euphemism for your dating history? You’ve watched the Sand Lot five times and Hard Ball twice, but never picked up a bat or smelt a jumbo dog first hand in the nosebleed sections of a major league game? It’s cool; you can still rep a baseball cap like a pro!
Maybe it’s a city you love, a logo that draws you in, or saying “how about that sports team” to your American pub mate while ever-so-casually gesturing to your cap. Knowing a few talking points about the team you’re ‘supporting’ can make your new B-Ball Cap that much fresher. Here we have a handy guide to choosing a baseball cap for the not-so-avid baseball watcher:

Team: Chicago Cubs
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Stadium: Wrigley Field
Who should wear it: The Die Hard, the Superstitious, The Band Wagon Hopper
Hey batta batta batta, su-wing batta! You may recall Ferris Beuller and the loveable Frye shouting this phrase at a cub’s game to distract the rival Brave players. Cub’s fans are diehards and they have had to be. The team was subject to 109 year losing streak which many staunch supporters blame firmly on the “Billy Goat Curse”. The Curse of the Billy Goat was cast by a tavern owner and Ex-Cub’s Fan who was requested to leave a game in 1945. His goat’s odour was bothering the other fans. Seriously… that actually happened. After years of heartbreak, the curse was finally broken this past year with the Cub’s winning the 2016 World Series. Loyalists and Bandwagon hoppers alike are collectively showing love for this team and we can’t blame ‘em. Bill Murray is into it too:


Team: New York Yankees
Location: New York, New York
Stadium: Yankee Stadium
Who should wear it: The winner, Fans of the Queen B, The Trendiest
Arguably the most popular baseball cap in the world, the Yankees logo is world famous. And not without reason! The Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships, more than any other team in the league. Some of the best players ever to grace the field, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter and Micky Mantle, all rose to fame with the Yankees. The Yankees are the cream of the crop and you are hardly needed be a Baseball Fan to don this cap.
Jay Z once said he made the Yankee’s cap more famous than a Yankee’s did. But let’s face reality, If Bey’s wearing it, it’s gotta be cool:


Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Stadium: The Sky Dome
Who should wear it: The Patriotic Canadian, The Person Stuck in the 90’s, The Lover of the Underdog,
In the early 90’s the Toronto Blue Jays took the World Series for two consecutive years, 92-93. There is not a single Canadian that will ever let you forget that (trust me, I’m one of them). In spite of a less than stellar record in the years to follow, Canadian’s are still unified in their love for the Jays. Sure, it might be the only team in the great white north since the Montreal Expo’s exited the picture in 2004, but that’s beside the point. Unsurprisingly, Canadian’s are a patriotic bunch of sports fans who get a thrill out of rooting for the underdog – The Jay’s embody both of these things.
Okay, so you think you want to try the ol’ Jays cap on for size? There are two simple words you must remember: Joe Carter. Canadian’s have never collectively lost their minds harder than when this man hit the three-run walk-off home run against the Philadelphia Phillies in the bottom of the 9th inning in ‘93. Sure this may sound like a bunch of gibberish to a non-baseball fan, but this face says it all:


Team: Detroit Tigers
Location: Detroit Michigan
Stadium: Comerica Park
Who should wear it: Fans of Magnum PI or Tom Selleck in General
Tom Selleck wore a Detroit Tigers Hat on and off the screen. And that’s all you need to know about that:



One thought on “-Baseball Hats For The Not-So-Avid Baseball Watcher-

  1. Hi I am from New Zealand ….. It seems even us Kiwis are not immune to the Hear wear fashion that comes from the USA. I remember having a New York Yankees hat when I was a Teen. For some reason it was cool to wear the hat, even though I didn’t know what the design meant at the time. Through media fashion makes it’s way into many homes.

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