Hat and Style Tips from Wes Anderson

Filming is now underway in England for the newest Wes Anderson feature and it’s got us all wondering; what style craze will he start next?  The iconic director has created a unique genre of film characterised by subtle hilarity, a distinct colour pallet, incredible fashion and amazing hats. With so many memorable style moments throughout Wes Anderson’s film career and to show our excitement for the pending release, we have curated our top five favourite hats featured in some of his best films. Styles that can be easily adopted by our film loving, indie hatters.

5) The Raspberry Beret in Moonrise Kingdom: When Wes Anderson introduced us to Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward), we weren’t just meeting a strong, independent and sassy young lady – we were meeting a style icon. Set in the 60’s, Suzy rocks a retro collar dress, saddle shoes, knee socks and tops it off with a Raspberry beret in this coming of age tale. Her outfit combines both youth and sophistication into a style we can’t get enough of:


4) The Red Beanie in Life Aquatic: The red beanie worn by Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) and his crew (Team Zissou) in Life Aquatic took the fashion industry by storm when the film premiered in 2004. Well over ten years later, the accessory has remained a staple in fans and style pro’s wardrobes alike. Pairing the bright red beanie with a muted or pale colour can add a pop to any outfit, or use it to dress a down a formal suit or dress:


3)The Flat Cap in The Royal Tenenbaums: Amongst an all-star cast, each with their own unique look, Royal Tenenbaum’s (Gene Hackman) style sense is a stand out. In a double breasted suit and wide brim flat cap, he embodies the ultimate in grandeur fashion. Backwards or forwards, we love this style:


2)The Red Beret in Rushmore: In Wes Anderson’s film Rushmore, Jason Schwarzman plays Max Fischer, a tenacious and defiant prep school kid. He dons a red beret which contrasts perfectly with thick rimmed glasses and a school uniform. We recommend pairing a brightly coloured beret with a matching lapel pin on the breast of any jacket to seize this style:


1) The Cossack in Rushmore: Max Fischer’s style is so perfect we couldn’t resist giving his head-wear the number one and two spot. In complete contrast to the French beret, Max also flawlessly rock’s the Russian Cossack. Want to demonstrate an eccentric, worldly and bold fashion sense? Go the Fischer look:


 Honorable mentions:

The Scout’s Hat, Moonrise Kingdom:


The Beanie, Bottle Rocket


The bucket Hat, Royal Tanenbaums

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