How To Wear A Beanie In The Summer

Summer is coming and social norms have got us beanie lovers feeling dejected. Once that thermometer moves past 20 degree mark, along comes that nagging pressure to closet the beanie for another season. But who says you have to? Well…besides your Mum.  As much as we advocate for an eclectic all-seasons hat collection, we believe in the all-year-beanie and your right to wear it! There’s something to be said for comfort and the ability a beanie has to cover all matters of sin without drawing the same attention as many summer hats. We’ve prepared three simple rules to pulling off this style:

Pick your location wisely! Remember the beanie is casual and should be paired with an appropriate settings. Star gazing, bonfires, festivals, walking the dog, garden patios and casual days out; these are all scenarios where a beanie is a perfectly suitable accessory. Your grandparent’s house, weddings and funerals are not (keep in mind, this rule probably applies year round.)


Match it to your outfit! I repeat, the beanie is casual and should be paired with appropriate clothes! On a hot summer day, pair your beanie with denim shorts or a skirt, loose chinos, a cotton t-shirt/vest or blouse. Ray bans and wayfarers look hip with a beanie and give you the eye protection a beanie won’t. For the colder days or brisk evenings, a beanie goes great with layers: over-sized jumpers, cardigans and baseball shirts.


Choose a weather appropriate beanie! A reindeer patterned, 100% wool, bobble hat on a glorious day, is going too far. Dial it back and chose a light-weight, neutral coloured beanie for the warmer months.  Avoid the cable-knit and stick to something basic in acrylic or cotton. Fisherman style beanies and thug caps pair well with layers and stand out less in a sea of crop tops and Hawaiian shirts. Here’s a few suggestions:

The Brixton Sadler Beanie in Black. 100% acrylic. Light weight neutral color.


The New York Hat Co. Canvas Thug Cap in black. 100% cotton and made in the USA!


Jaxon & James Over-sized Ribknit Beanie in grey – unlined for maximum breath-ability! (also available in black)


The Hundreds Crisp 2 Beanie in black  – Fisherman style with rolled cuff in 100% acrylic.





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