Top 5 Hats For The Garden

Top 5 Hats for the Garden:

April showers bring May flowers, but let’s not give Mother Nature all the credit. A beautiful garden is a reflection of hard work and commitment!  As we move into late spring and the temperatures begin to rise, a proper hat can provide much needed relief and protection for those long hours in the garden. In addition to sun screen, many experts recommend a hat to protect the face and neck when playing in the sun and we agree. So which hat matches your gardening style? We’ve compiled a list of five great styles that are fashionable and functional to suit your needs:

  • A Wide Brim – The wider the brim the better the coverage for your face and neck. These styles are extremely helpful for long periods of time in the sun. To boot, they look great. Practical fashion at it’s finest.


  • A Bucket Hat – Not just a fisherman’s hat any more. This classic style has received a contemporary update in recent years. Keep it simple or go all out, buckets are available in great patterns and bold colors to match your style. As these have a shorter brim, use in combination with sunscreen for the best defense!


  • Sun Shade baseball cap – For the avid baseball cap wearer! These fit exactly like you are use to, but offer better protection for the back of the neck and top of ears. The shade can be tucked up into the hat if not in use.



  • Floppy Hat – Similar to the wide brim a floppy hat offers plenty of protection for your face and neck. Look for hats with a dark and thick material or a tight weave in the straw for better protection from harmful UV’s.


  • A Safari – A safari hat will get you into the outdoor spirit in no time. With a good sized brim and many brands offering UPF protection (Tilley, Dorfman-Pacific) these offer a great layer between the sun’s harmful rays and your head!


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