– Ladies Hats for Ascot 2017 –

The Royal Ascot organizers have just released the highly anticipated Style Guide for 2017 and as per tradition, the event promises to be as much about fashion as it is about horse-racing. The best way to abide by the formal dress rules is to embrace them.  This means not only ensuring you have the proper head-wear for your enclosure, but a hat that will stand out among your fellow race goers. So dig deep, find your inner fashionista and browse our selection of fashion forward styles for this year’s race.

The Royal Enclosure – If you find yourself fortunate enough to be in this section of the event you will no doubt be surrounded by sartorial elegance. The Royal Enclosure offers the strictest of dress codes, and it is required that ladies must wear a hat at all times. Fascinators are not allowed here, however a head piece with a diameter of 10cm is an acceptable alternative.  With these rules in mind, here are our favorites to add a smashing topper to your carefully selected attire this year:

The Whiteley Marilyn Straw Occasion Hat: At approximately 46cm in diameter, this piece from Whiteley is a real show stopper. A classic design, with an elegant side bow.


The Jackie O Pill Box: Another stunning piece by Whiteley measuring 20cm front to back, 19.5cm across and 7.5cm in height. Available in a bold scarlet red or subtle light brown.


Queen Anne & Village Enclosures – at the heart of the race, the dress code is only slightly more relaxed. Like the Royal Enclosure, ladies expected to be in formal attire and wear a headpiece at all times. However in these areas, a hat, head peace or fascinator is permissible meaning you can have a little bit more fun choosing the right peace for you. The style guide offers a range of bold suggestions so we suggest getting a bit funky this year:

The Failsworth Jessica Pillbox: measuring 16cm in diameter and 5cm in height this pillbox is sure to grab some attention. The classic base is adorned with a head turning bow and feather design. At a great price, this little gem will get you through ascot and any other smart events you have this summer. Available in navy and ivory.


The Failsworth Emelia Disk Fascinator: A disk fascinator is great way to go if you are concerned about size, as the majority are fitted with an Alice Band comfortable for most sizes. The Emelia is a pretty piece measuring 28cm in diameter, perfect for any formal occasion. Available in taupe, light pink and navy.


The Windsor Enclosure:  No formal dress code applies in this area, but guests are encouraged to dress smart. Though you may not have to wear a hat, why wouldn’t you want to? It’s not every day you can comfortably adorn your head with formal attire so we say embrace it. Here’s where you can have some fun:

The Jane Anne Designs Pixie Fascinator : pretty, yet subtle, this piece is a great way to dress up a cocktail  or summer dress. At an amazing price, the Pixie is also a good choice for those who want to look the part without breaking the bank. Available in a range of colours, but we love this gorgeous green:

The Sur La Tête Posey Pink Pillbox: With the release of Jackie this year, this style has been flying off the shelves. In a creamy light pink, this piece would pair great with a like pink, pale blue, black or white:



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