– Summer 17 Festival Hats –

Public service announcement: Attention all Glastonbury, Bestival, Reading and Leeds, Love Box, and other festival goers; ditch the flower crowns from your rucksack. Festivals are a chance to feed your wilder side, but that doesn’t mean donning the same decade old fashion cliché year after year. You kid, are better than that. Instead this year, get yourself a hat worthy of a festival crowd shot.

Not only do hats provide great protection from the elements on long days in the sun (and rain) – they help with the inevitable bed head and can elevate any festival outfit to an insta worthy level. Here’s our faves for the 2017 Festival Season:


Dad Caps: So your Pop’s closet is where you’ve done most of your Summer 17 ‘shopping’. It’s no surprise with ‘dad attire’ sweeping the nation. But let’s be nice and leave him his favourite cap for the festival season. Dad caps are extremely affordable and give you a nice relaxed feel while looking effortlessly stylish.

JOANNA-HAT_00249_NVKHK_14135002 (2).JPG

Fedoras: Fedora’s are a festival goers best friend.  With Great sun protection and a savvy look, this style well get you through the weekend looking and feeling great. With a multitude of materials and colors to choose from you are sure to find something punchy to compliment your festival outfits.106417

Visors: Can’t stand the thought of losing the top knot for the weekend? Get a visor to help you with the squints and shield your face without ditching the comfort do. Retro out with gold and silver accents or go for the 90’s appeal with a sporty look from Adidas and Nike.125513_2

Boater Hats: This classic warm weather style offers excellent protection for your face and neck. The boater is known for its canal and Barbour Shop Quartet backdrop, but is making a modern comeback in today’s fashion world. You’ll stand out in the crowed and look great.


Trucker Hats: A relaxed summer style with a 90’s influence, trucker caps are the ultimate in casual. The mesh back offers great ventilation for the inevitably warm crowds. Often available in bright , sporty colors or with clever ‘wear your personality’ graphics, you’ll fit right in the festival crowed.


Bucket Hats: Continuing with the revenge of the 90’s, the bucket hat is the perfect all weather festival hat. Offering great coverage rain or shine and compactness, this is a must have style.

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