– Flash Back Fridays: Hats of the 60’s –

Flashback Fridays: 60’s hats

Style in the 2000’s is all about borrowing styles from the 1900’s. This Friday, we are flashing back to the 1960’s. Fashion trends in the swinging 60’s broke all the rules, reflecting the social movements of the time. The colours popped, the patterns clashed and the hats were staple pieces on all the fashion icons of the time. Here are our favourites of the era:

Anita Pallenberg; a style icon with an inspiring outlook on life. Hats off to this one, she’ll definitely be missed.

The Beatles – who would want to cover up those mops? Well the fab four did and looked stylish in anything from fisherman caps to bowlers.

Twiggy has a face you can’t forget. She’s the star of everything from Andy Warhol paintings to M&S shopping bags. The British cultural icon helped to modernize the beret and cloche in the western fashion world.

Jimi Hendrix charmed music fans in the 60’s with his revolutionary guitar style and enchanting voice.  His fashion sense was edgy and eye catching. He pulled off a fedora like no other.


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