– Tilley Hats; Worth it! –

On July 1st Canada celebrates its 150th birthday and we can’t think of a better time to tell you about our favorite Canadian Hat Makers, Tilley.  It’s hard not to think of the great outdoors when Canada comes to mind; Rocky Mountains, peaceful lakes and bustling forest trails. Tilley has spent the last 30 years crafting the perfect hat for exploring these places and beyond.  They are the ultimate adventure hat, perfect for travel and engineered for all weather types. fe605c8281b1b34b9ee41d096706f6dc

It started in 1980 with a frustrated sailor, Alex Tilley. Alex struggled to find a hat that would stay put whilst on the water. As a winter project, Alex began the process of designing a hat for himself and his fellow seafarers. With top quality in mind, Alex produced a list of musts for his prototype: It had to float, stay put, last indefinitely and look good if it was going to last that long! Tilley started as a small business in Toronto but quickly earned a reputation internationally as producers of excellent headwear. To this day they are the go to hat maker for outdoors lovers and it’s no surprise.

Trade_Marketing_Tilley_T5M0_CanoeingTilley Hats are guaranteed for life. Yeah…you read that right, life! What other piece of clothing do you own which can be registered? In addition, Tilley also offers insurance for loss or theft within the first two years of owning your hat. Most Tilley Hats have certified sun protection, are water repellent, packable and float. To sum up, they are the perfect adventure partner. Here’s our favorite for this year:



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