– Don’t Call It a Comeback; 90’s Hats –

If you lived through the 90’s, chances are you remember them fondly. If you forget the 90’s or weren’t around, the good news is you can relive the culture through the revived fashion trends and ubiquitous Seinfeld re-runs. Alongside Kramer quotes, oversized denim, plaid and doc martens are here to stay! Covering the pigtails and frizzy hairdos, were a lot of amazing hat styles in this decade. From brightly patterned buckets to backwards baseball caps, the 90’s set a precedent for outrageous and exciting headwear. Here is some are our favourite hat donning style icons of the time:


The Fresh Prince – Will Smith knew how to get attention, but it wasn’t just his smooth talking personality that caught the eyes and ears of millions. With neon patterns and clashing ensembles, he stood out on screen against his ‘stuffy’ surroundings. Smith looked ever-so-cool in a brightly coloured backwards cap or a pushed up 5 panel.


The Cast of Clueless – Clueless was a film all about style. Mixing retro with modern trends the characters in this film were always decked out in the finest 90’s swag. From berets to baker boys, Cher, Dionne and Murry matched hats to their wardrobes impeccably. Thinks these looks have gone out of style? As if!


Winona Ryder – Back on our screens today with Stranger Things, but the 90’s were this girls hey-day. Winona was the ultimate, cool, grunge, girl-next-door. This style hasn’t changed much over the years and she looks kick-ass in a baseball cap.


Boys II Men –  In retrospect, coordinated outfits are always a bit odd, but these guys ruled it. Mixing your grandfathers closet with hip sports hats was a legendary choice.

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