Autumn Got You Down?

It shouldn’t!  This is the perfect time to don your favourite autumnal hat, take walks, and joyfully kick autumn leaves!  And boy have we got some great new brands that would suit your Autumn needs.

When choosing your next hat, we think you should consider the brand, Lyle & Scott.

Lyle & Scott were founded in 1874.  But they weren’t the apparel shop they are today, no, initially Lyle & Scott predominately made underwear! Since then they have collaborated with Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Liberty, Bergdorf Goodman and Michael Kors.  And their products have been worn by Golfers, Crooners and Rock Stars a like! Each product in this great brand features a small embroidered golden eagle that serves as the Brand’s logo.


Lyle & Scott beanie, featuring their trademark Golden Eagle logo.

We currently have a great selection of these caps available to purchase at by clicking here —>Lyle & Scott


Want more?  Who doesn’t!  The next brand perfect for autumn wear is Joules.  Joules is another great UK Brand, started around 25 years ago by Tom Joule.  Tom Joule traveled around the UK selling his brightly coloured wares.  Now Joules is a multi-store brand, And appears in many department stores!

Not only does Joules have great hats for adults, but also a fantastic kid’s range.    Clothe the whole family!



Enjoy your Autumn even more with a Hat from Village Hats !


Dad Caps at Village Hats


First the Dad Bod, now the Dad Cap!  The popular relaxed look is back!  Dads are collectively sighing with relief, while simultaneously not noticing or caring about the trend.  The only thing Dads are noticing is when their staple hat is out of stock, in confusion they audibly grunt ‘huh?’.  Well listen up Pops!  You got competition and you better get your act into gear to make sure you have adequate sun protection year round.

Dads and trend-setting go-getters alike, Check out Village Hats awesome collection of Dad Caps by clicking —> here! <—-

If you want to make sure you have a popular brand that will make you stand out in the crowd, check out the following brands: 47 Brand , The Quiet Life, & The Hundreds!  And don’t forget to take a look at New Era’s 9FORTY design.  The 9FORTY is more of a relaxed fit, with that pre-curved brim Dad’s love.

Or maybe you want your hat completely plain?  Logo’s just ain’t your thing?  Take a look at our completely plain, Vintage Cotton Baseball Cap !

No matter which design you prefer, at Village Hats we have you covered!  Don’t miss out on this versatile fun design!





NFL! Football Season is Here! Hats! Beer! Hot dogs! FOOTBALL!

Football season has started!  Excitement is in the air!  Along with the smell of our favourite things, beer, hot dogs, and freshly cut grass!  Woah!  Slow down buddy, enough with the excitement, how about some history? Well, ok!  The National Football League dates back to the 1920s.  Initially founded as the  American Professional Football Association, they didn’t adopt the NFL title until 1922.

in the 1960s the NFL had a rival league, the American Football League, the two leagues fought over players, and drove up their salaries in bidding wars.  In 1965 Joe Namath famously signed to the New York Jets for $427,000!  But in the 1966s, the leagues stopped their fussin’ and a fightin’, and decided to merge.  It was decided the NFL & AFL would continue as the NFL.  And while they kept the National Football League name, they carry on some classic AFL traditions, such as names on player’s jerseys, and the on-field game clock!  The NFL is America’s most watched sport, and has 32 teams to date.

So get to watching!  Maybe you are a purist and support the one of the founding teams, the Chicago Bears?  Or maybe your favourite team is the 3rd team to join the party, the Green Bay Packers?  The NFL is one of the most watched sports in America, and as the season is just beginning, you still have plenty of time to get your merch, and support your team!

Sun or snow Village Hats has all your NFL merchandise needs covered!




Get ready for Halloween with Village Hats


Halloween is just around the corner… get ready for toffee apples, trick or treating, carving pumpkins and dressing up in spooky costumes! Here at Village Hats we have the perfect selection of hats that will finish off any Halloween costume that you desire. From scary and spooky costumes to pretty and colourful! We have picked out some of our favourite hats that will complete your outfit or may give you an idea of what to dress up as this year if you are stuck! So take a look below!

Let’s start off with the traditional Top hat. This hat would be perfect if you would like to go as a sugar skull character or someone from the circus. One of the most popular Top hats in which we sell is Jaxon Hats Victorian Top Hat in the colour black. This beautiful hat is made from 100% wool felt; fully satin lined and has a 6 inch crown. Spooky or what?!

                 gdg   gdgdggd

Next we have The Bowler hat. This would be ideal if you wanted to go as a mime character this Halloween, which is not so scary! One of our most favourite bowlers is the Christy’s Hats Fur Felt Bowler in the colour black. This hat is made from 100% fur felt, has a 4 ½ inch crown and is satin lined. This hat is a must have!

                  ggddsd  bowler

If you want to dress like Robin Hood this year then look no further! We have the perfect hat! The Jaxon Hats Tyrolean Hat in green. This hat is made from 100% wool, has a side pin feather and cotton poplin sweat band.  It will make you be the talk of Halloween, A hero from a fairy tale!

                                        lll;;   lll;#

Last but not least we have our gorgeous fascinators, this year why not combine this beautiful fascinator with a Skeleton, widow or a candy skull costume. One fascinator that we think would be perfect is the Scala Hats Pillbox with a Bow and Veil in the colour black. This stunning hat is made from 100% wool, has a satin Alice band and grosgrain ribbon sweat band. It’s so beautiful! It would make your costume look amazing!

                                  l''  dfdf

We hope this post has helped you decide what you would like to be this Halloween! Please visit our website to see our full range of hats!

                                                                  PicMonkey Collage


Hats in films and television shows!!

This week we are going to be talking about famous hats in television shows and films that we love! From cowboy hats to flat caps and even trilby’s! So let’s start the show! Sit back, relax and grab your popcorn, as we take you through all our favourite hats from television shows and films!!


First let’s start off with one of our all time favourite films is Lawless!


This film is about two brothers that run a successful liquor business in Franklin County, but one of their friends decides that they will use their bar for illegal activities, once this happens all hell breaks loose!! In this film they show a huge selection of characters in different hats! It’s a great watch we would highly recommend it! One of the main hats in which the actors wear is the famous Fedora hat. One in particular hat that stood out to us is the one in which Forrest wears played by Tom Hardy, we have found it to be very similar to our Christy’s Hat Foldaway Fedora in the colour brown. This hat is perfect as its foldaway so you can shape this hat to which ever style suits you, or you could style it so it’s almost identical to Tom Hardy’s hat! It is made from fur felt, has a grosgrain head band included and is packable.

hattt tomh

This hat would be perfect and would really make you feel like you’re in lawless!

Next we have one of the most watch television shows of all time, The Walking Dead!

walking d

This show is about a town that has been taken over by zombies and there are only a few humans left! So they have to fight off zombies on a daily basis! It’s pretty thrilling! One of the main hats in which the two main characters wear, Rick played by Andrew Lincoln and Carl played by Chandler Riggs is the traditional Cowboy hat. One in which we have found which is also very similar is the Stetson Hats Keeline Wool Felt Cowboy Hat in the colour brown. This hat is 100% wool felt, has a leather band and feathers.

cow  ll

This hat would be perfect if you want to feel like you’re in The Walking Dead! Fighting off the zombies!

Next we have another popular television show called Breaking Bad!break

This show is about a chemistry teacher called Walter White who is diagnosed with stage three cancer and is given only two years to live, he decides he has nothing to lose. Determined to ensure that his family will have a secure future, Walt embarks on a career of drugs and crime. One of the main hats in this film in which Walter White wears who is played by Bryan Cranston is the stylish Pork Pie hat. We have the exact same hat here at Village Hats!! It is identical! You want to know the name of this amazing hat? Well it’s called The Bailey Hats Darron Crushable Pork Pie Hat in the colour black, it is made from 100% wool, has a 1 ½ wide brim and 3 ¾ crown.

haaaaa  haaa

This hat will really make you feel like you’re like Walter White! Amazing!

Last but not least we have one of the most magical films of all time, The Great Gatsby!


This film is about a young and mysterious millionaire called Jay Gatsby who has an obsession with a girl called Daisy, he trys to win her over with his money and power. One of the main characters in this film called Nick Carraway who is played by Tobey Maguire is often shown wearing an old fashioned Newsboy cap. One hat in which is very similar to this hat is the City Sport Loden Wool Newsboy Cap In the colour brown. This hat is made from 80% wool; satin lined and is made in Belgium.

haaaaaaaaa  fffff

Once you buy one of these hats you will feel fabulous! I promise!

We hope this post has inspired you! Don’t forget to visit our website to see our full range of hats!



Hats that your little ones can wear to school!

The hats that feel like a little vacation

Let’s start with our first hat, the hats that will allow your child to keep a little taste of summer and vacation.!
The Straw Hats have our preference because they are particularly suitable for a look both casual and chic.

Untitled    Untitled    Untitled

The Trilby Kids hat by Barts for example, is available in a beautiful azure blue or pink and is a great hat for the summer holidays. A touch of originality of this hat stitched multicolored rope around his checkered cap. 
Also the Barts Trilby Child Seahorse in blue should delight your children and probably will appeal more to boys than the Maldives model. Again, this unique striped hat is wearing a braided rope that brings touch of originality and elegance. 
Finally the Straw Hat By Lottie Child home Animal in natural color certainly appeal to romantic little girls. Made of 100% straw paper, it has an outer band decorated with a floral pattern matches the end of the board and a pretty bow on the side. Perfect for those hot and long days of September.

The hats that will really make your kids happy

 This section is reserved for hats that your little monsters will probably have more fun with them because they confer a “cool” air.

Baseball cap obviously are top in its class. Again, you have the choice between several brands so there are many hats to choose from. One of our most popular makes is the New Era as it stands out from the crowd. With a huge range of baseball caps it offers for all ages. It starts almost from the cradle to the cap 9FIFTY New York Yankees Baby blue and grey, for example,  this hat is suitable for children from 6 months to 2 years!
Untitled      Untitled

The trucker hat (variation of the traditional baseball cap) undoubtedly will delight your little monsters, and again, New Era is strong with its model. Trucker Cap Child 9FORTY Oakland Raiders Black, Obviously it is unlikely that your children are interested in Okland Raiders (unless you are not yourself a fan of football, who knows?), But the team logo (a pirate head pierced by two swords ) the delight certainly … In addition to that, this cap is made ​​with 100% cotton (except for the back net, which is polyester mesh) is soft and very comfortable to wear, so ideal for fine days of the season.

Our favorite? This Cow boy hat in red hat and white. It is Made from 100% wool felt ,it has an adjustable drawstring and elastic sweatband for a super comfortable fit.


We believe that in a few months your little ones will be thrilled to have a cap “cool” to go to school.

Joules Hats Kids Amie Horse Peruvian Hat in brown and pink is definitely a cap through which your children will love and will be the talk of the playground! This horse head-shaped cap has also pink earmuffs which can be knotted to keep your kids warm on cooler days!


The perfect hat for your little ones!

Unlike our previous category, this category is rather for parents because, let’s face it, we all dream at one time or another have children that look adorable altar boys. So here we offer a selection of hats that make you probably just as much (or maybe even more!) Fun and that your children will love.

Let’s start with the essential when it comes to giving your children an angelic and edge it has got to be the Jaxon And Jones Hats Kids Cotton Flat Cap in Navy, this will add some serious style to their outfit!


For an equally traditional but perhaps more rustic and patriotic side, the beret has our favor. Boys side, the beret Wool Children in navy should do the trick. Made entirely in wool, it will be perfect to meet the most cold months.
Girls side, the beret Child Merino Wool home Laulhère in color Sangria seems to us adapted. Made from pure merino wool, this cap is extremely soft and will keep your little princesses warm throughout the fall and winter.

    Untitled     Untitled

Well, we hope you’re all set for the new school year, and this article will help you make the right choice for head wear of your children!

Dont forget to visit our website to see our full range of hats!


Sports Hats! You wanted em! You got em!

Ever get that itch to really re-assess your lifestyle?  You’re sitting at your desk, snacking on crisps, feeling low energy?  You know what you need to do… Deep down, we all know we need to eat better, and of course(some say unfortunately) EXERCISE! And in this lovely temperate(deploy the sarcasm police) country of ours, if you intend to exercise outside, you need a to wear a hat during your work out! Or hobby, depending on how you decide to view the burn! So to start off with, lets talk the most commonly talked about exercise, the one we have all had a go at, spluttering up and down a field!  Running!  You will know if someone likes to run, because they will tell you(much like vegans).  Truthfully there is no judgement here, we at Village Hats love to run!  So here are my top two picks for running hats, but wait… two picks?  Are you crazy, that’s two too many choices! Well let’s be kind to our British selves, we have had a lovely summer haven’t we? Which makes it necessary for a summer, and a winter choice. So enough of the verbosity, on with the best running hats!

Firstly Summer! Because it’s not over yet!

Nike Hats DB Performance Pro Trucker Cap – Charcoal


There are a couple of reasons this is my favourite, firstly it’s a dark colour, which is great for disguising sweat, but it also has dri-fit technology, which also helps with sweat!  And lets be honest you will look so much cooler in dark colours, like a mysterious working out person(detective) guy!

My second choice for running outdoors hats is a classic Beanie Hat.  In fact this choice isn’t just for running, it’s for most outdoor sports in winter.

Patagonia Hats Fishermans Rolled Beanie Hat – Black  


You might be thinking, black again? But not only will you look 100% cooler working out in a black beanie hat, but you will feel like freaking Rocky!

Rocky Balboa steps

Next up is an all-rounder by Tilley.  I’ve selected this one on the grounds not only is it perfect for walking, hiking,or even hunting outdoors, you are also safe in the knowledge that your awesome hat is insured for life!

Tilley Hats Waxed Cotton TWC7


So I’m breaking away from black, this hat is an awesome dark olive colour.  The perfect colour to make anyone feel like an adventurer! Not only does it look great, but the waxed cotton fabric feels fantastic!

And finally, with great consideration,  I think we all need a novelty yachting cap.  Even this dog thinks so!


I’m literally amazed, and excited that we stock this cap! Let’s all get our boat licenses and be captains, and most importantly wear this hat!

Village Hats White Yacht Cap! 


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it!, Keep checking back each week for our exciting blogs!  Next week who knows what the post will be!