Top 5 Hats For The Garden

Top 5 Hats for the Garden:

April showers bring May flowers, but let’s not give Mother Nature all the credit. A beautiful garden is a reflection of hard work and commitment!  As we move into late spring and the temperatures begin to rise, a proper hat can provide much needed relief and protection for those long hours in the garden. In addition to sun screen, many experts recommend a hat to protect the face and neck when playing in the sun and we agree. So which hat matches your gardening style? We’ve compiled a list of five great styles that are fashionable and functional to suit your needs:

  • A Wide Brim – The wider the brim the better the coverage for your face and neck. These styles are extremely helpful for long periods of time in the sun. To boot, they look great. Practical fashion at it’s finest.


  • A Bucket Hat – Not just a fisherman’s hat any more. This classic style has received a contemporary update in recent years. Keep it simple or go all out, buckets are available in great patterns and bold colors to match your style. As these have a shorter brim, use in combination with sunscreen for the best defense!


  • Sun Shade baseball cap – For the avid baseball cap wearer! These fit exactly like you are use to, but offer better protection for the back of the neck and top of ears. The shade can be tucked up into the hat if not in use.



  • Floppy Hat – Similar to the wide brim a floppy hat offers plenty of protection for your face and neck. Look for hats with a dark and thick material or a tight weave in the straw for better protection from harmful UV’s.


  • A Safari – A safari hat will get you into the outdoor spirit in no time. With a good sized brim and many brands offering UPF protection (Tilley, Dorfman-Pacific) these offer a great layer between the sun’s harmful rays and your head!


How To Wear A Beanie In The Summer

Summer is coming and social norms have got us beanie lovers feeling dejected. Once that thermometer moves past 20 degree mark, along comes that nagging pressure to closet the beanie for another season. But who says you have to? Well…besides your Mum.  As much as we advocate for an eclectic all-seasons hat collection, we believe in the all-year-beanie and your right to wear it! There’s something to be said for comfort and the ability a beanie has to cover all matters of sin without drawing the same attention as many summer hats. We’ve prepared three simple rules to pulling off this style:

Pick your location wisely! Remember the beanie is casual and should be paired with an appropriate settings. Star gazing, bonfires, festivals, walking the dog, garden patios and casual days out; these are all scenarios where a beanie is a perfectly suitable accessory. Your grandparent’s house, weddings and funerals are not (keep in mind, this rule probably applies year round.)


Match it to your outfit! I repeat, the beanie is casual and should be paired with appropriate clothes! On a hot summer day, pair your beanie with denim shorts or a skirt, loose chinos, a cotton t-shirt/vest or blouse. Ray bans and wayfarers look hip with a beanie and give you the eye protection a beanie won’t. For the colder days or brisk evenings, a beanie goes great with layers: over-sized jumpers, cardigans and baseball shirts.


Choose a weather appropriate beanie! A reindeer patterned, 100% wool, bobble hat on a glorious day, is going too far. Dial it back and chose a light-weight, neutral coloured beanie for the warmer months.  Avoid the cable-knit and stick to something basic in acrylic or cotton. Fisherman style beanies and thug caps pair well with layers and stand out less in a sea of crop tops and Hawaiian shirts. Here’s a few suggestions:

The Brixton Sadler Beanie in Black. 100% acrylic. Light weight neutral color.


The New York Hat Co. Canvas Thug Cap in black. 100% cotton and made in the USA!


Jaxon & James Over-sized Ribknit Beanie in grey – unlined for maximum breath-ability! (also available in black)


The Hundreds Crisp 2 Beanie in black  – Fisherman style with rolled cuff in 100% acrylic.





Hat and Style Tips from Wes Anderson

Filming is now underway in England for the newest Wes Anderson feature and it’s got us all wondering; what style craze will he start next?  The iconic director has created a unique genre of film characterised by subtle hilarity, a distinct colour pallet, incredible fashion and amazing hats. With so many memorable style moments throughout Wes Anderson’s film career and to show our excitement for the pending release, we have curated our top five favourite hats featured in some of his best films. Styles that can be easily adopted by our film loving, indie hatters.

5) The Raspberry Beret in Moonrise Kingdom: When Wes Anderson introduced us to Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward), we weren’t just meeting a strong, independent and sassy young lady – we were meeting a style icon. Set in the 60’s, Suzy rocks a retro collar dress, saddle shoes, knee socks and tops it off with a Raspberry beret in this coming of age tale. Her outfit combines both youth and sophistication into a style we can’t get enough of:


4) The Red Beanie in Life Aquatic: The red beanie worn by Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) and his crew (Team Zissou) in Life Aquatic took the fashion industry by storm when the film premiered in 2004. Well over ten years later, the accessory has remained a staple in fans and style pro’s wardrobes alike. Pairing the bright red beanie with a muted or pale colour can add a pop to any outfit, or use it to dress a down a formal suit or dress:


3)The Flat Cap in The Royal Tenenbaums: Amongst an all-star cast, each with their own unique look, Royal Tenenbaum’s (Gene Hackman) style sense is a stand out. In a double breasted suit and wide brim flat cap, he embodies the ultimate in grandeur fashion. Backwards or forwards, we love this style:


2)The Red Beret in Rushmore: In Wes Anderson’s film Rushmore, Jason Schwarzman plays Max Fischer, a tenacious and defiant prep school kid. He dons a red beret which contrasts perfectly with thick rimmed glasses and a school uniform. We recommend pairing a brightly coloured beret with a matching lapel pin on the breast of any jacket to seize this style:


1) The Cossack in Rushmore: Max Fischer’s style is so perfect we couldn’t resist giving his head-wear the number one and two spot. In complete contrast to the French beret, Max also flawlessly rock’s the Russian Cossack. Want to demonstrate an eccentric, worldly and bold fashion sense? Go the Fischer look:


 Honorable mentions:

The Scout’s Hat, Moonrise Kingdom:


The Beanie, Bottle Rocket


The bucket Hat, Royal Tanenbaums

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-Top Styles For Your Long Weekend Adventures-

As the old adage goes, April Showers bring…May Bank Holidays! Okay, we know that’s not really it. But we here in the UK know that spring is unreliable at best and basing all your high hopes on weather is risky.  Mother Nature can be moody, but with the right head-wear, she can’t ruin your long weekends.  Village Hat’s has the best styles to help prepare you for your spring adventures, rain or shine:

Adventure: City Breaks

Style: Crushable Wool Felts

The perfect hats to pop in the rucksack for a short haul flight or train ride when you are lacking the space. These crushable styles are really handy when the spring weather isn’t all sunshine and flowers.  For the ladies, we recommend a Bailey Pork Pie. Made from a signature Litefelt material which is naturally water resistant and can be squashed into an average sized purse. Pull it out and shake it back into shape when you need it. These hats complete any tres chic outfit:


For the gentleman, a Jaxon and James crushable fedora or trilby will do the trick. Dressy and convenient:


Adventure: Coastal Walks/Nature Hikes

Style: Buckets and Tilley Hatsd452f30e8bfa709986fcf84615aab342

Fancy a long walk along the Cornish coast or trekking the highlands? Pack a Bucket or Tilley hat to shield the all-important-head in inclement or sunny weather. These styles are great in wind, sun or rain and give an impression of  ‘experience’ and preparedness.  If you’re an avid hiker, a Tilley hat is the way to go. Water repellent, with UPF protection, ventilation and a warranty, these hats will get you through your entire life, let alone the long weekend.

Just looking for something small and affordable to pack in a bag? Try a classic bucket style.


Adventure: Beach Getaway

Style: Panama

Splurging on a tropical holiday? Panama hats are the number one style for any sunshine destination. Hand woven in South America these are the best quality in straw hats you can find and they offer excellent sun protection. Sophisticated yet practical, just like you.


Adventure: Staycation

Style: Flatcaps and Newsboys

Staying close to home for the long weekends? Fret not – your little noggin deserves something too.  The flatcap is a great low key style for the park, pups, city streets or country walk. We carry a huge selection to ensure you can have the perfect flat cap for any weather the weekend throws your way. But hey, no one is forcing you to go outside, or even leave the sofa. The flat cap can really classy up those pyjamas and looks great when binging on Peaky Blinders and Samuel L Jackson Movies. The perfect Netflix and chill accessory.

vhstyle_home_04peaky blinders

-The Timeless Beret is Back on Trend-

Oui, c’est vrai! The beret is back. Countless fashion experts and Instagram bloggers alike are calling this quintessentially french accessory the ‘must have’ item in 2017. But us hatters wonder, did it ever really leave?

Though its origins can be traced back to the Bronze Age, the humble beret was widely adapted by French working class in the 1920’s. It wasn’t long before it made its way to the hat racks of fashion lovers internationally.

Faye Dunaway donned the classic wool topper as Bonnie Parker in the 1967 big screen sensation, Bonnie and Clyde. Her style was the epitome of chic and she managed to make indulging in a homicidal crime spree look somehow, sophisticated:

bonnie 150091

Internationally renowned fashion icon, Twiggy, also helped covet the style in the 60’s adding a touch of color to the scene:

150129twiggy beret

In the 70’s, John Lennon and Yoko Ono brought an element of ‘cool’ to the accessory and perhaps a touch of irony, appropriating the traditional military wear while they championed a message of peace:


And in the 90’s , Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz in the film Clueless, reignited the sensation:


So the Beret is “back” in Spring 2017, but looking back through its history, we doubt it ever really left. Nevertheless, now somehow seems like a better time than ever to add this elegant and timeless piece to your hat rack.
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-Baseball Hats For The Not-So-Avid Baseball Watcher-

So you want to wear a MLB baseball cap, but know nothing about the sport? You like the look of those vintage logos, but ‘striking out’ is nothing more than a euphemism for your dating history? You’ve watched the Sand Lot five times and Hard Ball twice, but never picked up a bat or smelt a jumbo dog first hand in the nosebleed sections of a major league game? It’s cool; you can still rep a baseball cap like a pro!
Maybe it’s a city you love, a logo that draws you in, or saying “how about that sports team” to your American pub mate while ever-so-casually gesturing to your cap. Knowing a few talking points about the team you’re ‘supporting’ can make your new B-Ball Cap that much fresher. Here we have a handy guide to choosing a baseball cap for the not-so-avid baseball watcher:

Team: Chicago Cubs
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Stadium: Wrigley Field
Who should wear it: The Die Hard, the Superstitious, The Band Wagon Hopper
Hey batta batta batta, su-wing batta! You may recall Ferris Beuller and the loveable Frye shouting this phrase at a cub’s game to distract the rival Brave players. Cub’s fans are diehards and they have had to be. The team was subject to 109 year losing streak which many staunch supporters blame firmly on the “Billy Goat Curse”. The Curse of the Billy Goat was cast by a tavern owner and Ex-Cub’s Fan who was requested to leave a game in 1945. His goat’s odour was bothering the other fans. Seriously… that actually happened. After years of heartbreak, the curse was finally broken this past year with the Cub’s winning the 2016 World Series. Loyalists and Bandwagon hoppers alike are collectively showing love for this team and we can’t blame ‘em. Bill Murray is into it too:


Team: New York Yankees
Location: New York, New York
Stadium: Yankee Stadium
Who should wear it: The winner, Fans of the Queen B, The Trendiest
Arguably the most popular baseball cap in the world, the Yankees logo is world famous. And not without reason! The Yankees have won 27 World Series Championships, more than any other team in the league. Some of the best players ever to grace the field, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter and Micky Mantle, all rose to fame with the Yankees. The Yankees are the cream of the crop and you are hardly needed be a Baseball Fan to don this cap.
Jay Z once said he made the Yankee’s cap more famous than a Yankee’s did. But let’s face reality, If Bey’s wearing it, it’s gotta be cool:


Team: Toronto Blue Jays
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Stadium: The Sky Dome
Who should wear it: The Patriotic Canadian, The Person Stuck in the 90’s, The Lover of the Underdog,
In the early 90’s the Toronto Blue Jays took the World Series for two consecutive years, 92-93. There is not a single Canadian that will ever let you forget that (trust me, I’m one of them). In spite of a less than stellar record in the years to follow, Canadian’s are still unified in their love for the Jays. Sure, it might be the only team in the great white north since the Montreal Expo’s exited the picture in 2004, but that’s beside the point. Unsurprisingly, Canadian’s are a patriotic bunch of sports fans who get a thrill out of rooting for the underdog – The Jay’s embody both of these things.
Okay, so you think you want to try the ol’ Jays cap on for size? There are two simple words you must remember: Joe Carter. Canadian’s have never collectively lost their minds harder than when this man hit the three-run walk-off home run against the Philadelphia Phillies in the bottom of the 9th inning in ‘93. Sure this may sound like a bunch of gibberish to a non-baseball fan, but this face says it all:


Team: Detroit Tigers
Location: Detroit Michigan
Stadium: Comerica Park
Who should wear it: Fans of Magnum PI or Tom Selleck in General
Tom Selleck wore a Detroit Tigers Hat on and off the screen. And that’s all you need to know about that:



Autumn Got You Down?

It shouldn’t!  This is the perfect time to don your favourite autumnal hat, take walks, and joyfully kick autumn leaves!  And boy have we got some great new brands that would suit your Autumn needs.

When choosing your next hat, we think you should consider the brand, Lyle & Scott.

Lyle & Scott were founded in 1874.  But they weren’t the apparel shop they are today, no, initially Lyle & Scott predominately made underwear! Since then they have collaborated with Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Liberty, Bergdorf Goodman and Michael Kors.  And their products have been worn by Golfers, Crooners and Rock Stars a like! Each product in this great brand features a small embroidered golden eagle that serves as the Brand’s logo.


Lyle & Scott beanie, featuring their trademark Golden Eagle logo.

We currently have a great selection of these caps available to purchase at by clicking here —>Lyle & Scott


Want more?  Who doesn’t!  The next brand perfect for autumn wear is Joules.  Joules is another great UK Brand, started around 25 years ago by Tom Joule.  Tom Joule traveled around the UK selling his brightly coloured wares.  Now Joules is a multi-store brand, And appears in many department stores!

Not only does Joules have great hats for adults, but also a fantastic kid’s range.    Clothe the whole family!



Enjoy your Autumn even more with a Hat from Village Hats !