Dad Caps at Village Hats


First the Dad Bod, now the Dad Cap!  The popular relaxed look is back!  Dads are collectively sighing with relief, while simultaneously not noticing or caring about the trend.  The only thing Dads are noticing is when their staple hat is out of stock, in confusion they audibly grunt ‘huh?’.  Well listen up Pops!  You got competition and you better get your act into gear to make sure you have adequate sun protection year round.

Dads and trend-setting go-getters alike, Check out Village Hats awesome collection of Dad Caps by clicking —> here! <—-

If you want to make sure you have a popular brand that will make you stand out in the crowd, check out the following brands: 47 Brand , The Quiet Life, & The Hundreds!  And don’t forget to take a look at New Era’s 9FORTY design.  The 9FORTY is more of a relaxed fit, with that pre-curved brim Dad’s love.

Or maybe you want your hat completely plain?  Logo’s just ain’t your thing?  Take a look at our completely plain, Vintage Cotton Baseball Cap !

No matter which design you prefer, at Village Hats we have you covered!  Don’t miss out on this versatile fun design!





NFL! Football Season is Here! Hats! Beer! Hot dogs! FOOTBALL!

Football season has started!  Excitement is in the air!  Along with the smell of our favourite things, beer, hot dogs, and freshly cut grass!  Woah!  Slow down buddy, enough with the excitement, how about some history? Well, ok!  The National Football League dates back to the 1920s.  Initially founded as the  American Professional Football Association, they didn’t adopt the NFL title until 1922.

in the 1960s the NFL had a rival league, the American Football League, the two leagues fought over players, and drove up their salaries in bidding wars.  In 1965 Joe Namath famously signed to the New York Jets for $427,000!  But in the 1966s, the leagues stopped their fussin’ and a fightin’, and decided to merge.  It was decided the NFL & AFL would continue as the NFL.  And while they kept the National Football League name, they carry on some classic AFL traditions, such as names on player’s jerseys, and the on-field game clock!  The NFL is America’s most watched sport, and has 32 teams to date.

So get to watching!  Maybe you are a purist and support the one of the founding teams, the Chicago Bears?  Or maybe your favourite team is the 3rd team to join the party, the Green Bay Packers?  The NFL is one of the most watched sports in America, and as the season is just beginning, you still have plenty of time to get your merch, and support your team!

Sun or snow Village Hats has all your NFL merchandise needs covered!




Hats in films and television shows!!

This week we are going to be talking about famous hats in television shows and films that we love! From cowboy hats to flat caps and even trilby’s! So let’s start the show! Sit back, relax and grab your popcorn, as we take you through all our favourite hats from television shows and films!!


First let’s start off with one of our all time favourite films is Lawless!


This film is about two brothers that run a successful liquor business in Franklin County, but one of their friends decides that they will use their bar for illegal activities, once this happens all hell breaks loose!! In this film they show a huge selection of characters in different hats! It’s a great watch we would highly recommend it! One of the main hats in which the actors wear is the famous Fedora hat. One in particular hat that stood out to us is the one in which Forrest wears played by Tom Hardy, we have found it to be very similar to our Christy’s Hat Foldaway Fedora in the colour brown. This hat is perfect as its foldaway so you can shape this hat to which ever style suits you, or you could style it so it’s almost identical to Tom Hardy’s hat! It is made from fur felt, has a grosgrain head band included and is packable.

hattt tomh

This hat would be perfect and would really make you feel like you’re in lawless!

Next we have one of the most watch television shows of all time, The Walking Dead!

walking d

This show is about a town that has been taken over by zombies and there are only a few humans left! So they have to fight off zombies on a daily basis! It’s pretty thrilling! One of the main hats in which the two main characters wear, Rick played by Andrew Lincoln and Carl played by Chandler Riggs is the traditional Cowboy hat. One in which we have found which is also very similar is the Stetson Hats Keeline Wool Felt Cowboy Hat in the colour brown. This hat is 100% wool felt, has a leather band and feathers.

cow  ll

This hat would be perfect if you want to feel like you’re in The Walking Dead! Fighting off the zombies!

Next we have another popular television show called Breaking Bad!break

This show is about a chemistry teacher called Walter White who is diagnosed with stage three cancer and is given only two years to live, he decides he has nothing to lose. Determined to ensure that his family will have a secure future, Walt embarks on a career of drugs and crime. One of the main hats in this film in which Walter White wears who is played by Bryan Cranston is the stylish Pork Pie hat. We have the exact same hat here at Village Hats!! It is identical! You want to know the name of this amazing hat? Well it’s called The Bailey Hats Darron Crushable Pork Pie Hat in the colour black, it is made from 100% wool, has a 1 ½ wide brim and 3 ¾ crown.

haaaaa  haaa

This hat will really make you feel like you’re like Walter White! Amazing!

Last but not least we have one of the most magical films of all time, The Great Gatsby!


This film is about a young and mysterious millionaire called Jay Gatsby who has an obsession with a girl called Daisy, he trys to win her over with his money and power. One of the main characters in this film called Nick Carraway who is played by Tobey Maguire is often shown wearing an old fashioned Newsboy cap. One hat in which is very similar to this hat is the City Sport Loden Wool Newsboy Cap In the colour brown. This hat is made from 80% wool; satin lined and is made in Belgium.

haaaaaaaaa  fffff

Once you buy one of these hats you will feel fabulous! I promise!

We hope this post has inspired you! Don’t forget to visit our website to see our full range of hats!



Sports Hats! You wanted em! You got em!

Ever get that itch to really re-assess your lifestyle?  You’re sitting at your desk, snacking on crisps, feeling low energy?  You know what you need to do… Deep down, we all know we need to eat better, and of course(some say unfortunately) EXERCISE! And in this lovely temperate(deploy the sarcasm police) country of ours, if you intend to exercise outside, you need a to wear a hat during your work out! Or hobby, depending on how you decide to view the burn! So to start off with, lets talk the most commonly talked about exercise, the one we have all had a go at, spluttering up and down a field!  Running!  You will know if someone likes to run, because they will tell you(much like vegans).  Truthfully there is no judgement here, we at Village Hats love to run!  So here are my top two picks for running hats, but wait… two picks?  Are you crazy, that’s two too many choices! Well let’s be kind to our British selves, we have had a lovely summer haven’t we? Which makes it necessary for a summer, and a winter choice. So enough of the verbosity, on with the best running hats!

Firstly Summer! Because it’s not over yet!

Nike Hats DB Performance Pro Trucker Cap – Charcoal


There are a couple of reasons this is my favourite, firstly it’s a dark colour, which is great for disguising sweat, but it also has dri-fit technology, which also helps with sweat!  And lets be honest you will look so much cooler in dark colours, like a mysterious working out person(detective) guy!

My second choice for running outdoors hats is a classic Beanie Hat.  In fact this choice isn’t just for running, it’s for most outdoor sports in winter.

Patagonia Hats Fishermans Rolled Beanie Hat – Black  


You might be thinking, black again? But not only will you look 100% cooler working out in a black beanie hat, but you will feel like freaking Rocky!

Rocky Balboa steps

Next up is an all-rounder by Tilley.  I’ve selected this one on the grounds not only is it perfect for walking, hiking,or even hunting outdoors, you are also safe in the knowledge that your awesome hat is insured for life!

Tilley Hats Waxed Cotton TWC7


So I’m breaking away from black, this hat is an awesome dark olive colour.  The perfect colour to make anyone feel like an adventurer! Not only does it look great, but the waxed cotton fabric feels fantastic!

And finally, with great consideration,  I think we all need a novelty yachting cap.  Even this dog thinks so!


I’m literally amazed, and excited that we stock this cap! Let’s all get our boat licenses and be captains, and most importantly wear this hat!

Village Hats White Yacht Cap! 


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it!, Keep checking back each week for our exciting blogs!  Next week who knows what the post will be!

Hats to wear to Notting Hill carnival!!


This August bank holiday Europe’s biggest street festival, Notting Hill Carnival 2015 will take place. It is a vivid spectacle representing London’s multicultural past and present. Expect some 50,000 performers, nearly 40 sound systems and more than 1 million spectators, a huge amount of costumes in different colours and designs! What better way to enjoy the carnival then to purchase a stylish hat from Village Hats. Why not wear a big beautiful colourful hat that will make you feel like one of the performers and will make stand out from the crowd!

Like our Christy’s Hats Grace Wide Brim Sun Hat with Liberty Print Multi-Coloured hat. This beautiful hat is reversible; it has a solid black shell and a liberty grain print on the other side of the hat. It is also packable so once you have finished dancing around at the carnival it would be able to pop into your bag! It’s very bright, beautiful and would go with any outfit you desire! If you would like to see our full range of packable hats then please visits our website.

  Untitled Untitled

If you would like a hat that is smaller yet still has a lovely eye catching design then a must have is the Mitchell & Ness Summer Floral Bucket Hat  that is also Multi coloured. This gorgeous hat is made from 100% polyester, also packable and has four eyelets for ventilations. This hat would be ideal if you wanted a hat to add a unique design to your outfit and would look lovely in the sunshine! If you would like to see our full range of Mitchell & Ness hats then please visits our website.


Next we have Joules Hats Mandy Wide Brimmed Sun Hat in the colour Natural-Blue. This beautiful hat is made from 100% paper straw and has a 12cm brim; it also includes a grosgrain sweat band for extra comfort. It is very bold and the colours will make you stand out for miles.  This hat would be perfect if the sun is shining on carnival as it would protect your face and keep you cool to party into the night! If you would like to see our full range of sun hats then please visit our website


Last but not least we have the adorable Joules Hats Showers Waterproof Bucket Hat in Yellow, this hat is ideal in case there decides to be a heavy down poor at the carnival! It is made out of waterproof cotton and It has a 3 inch wide brim. The colour on this hat is beautiful, very bright and vibrant so you will stand out from the crows, feel protected and comfortable. If you would like to see our full range of bucket hats then please visit our website.


We hope this post has been inspirational and has prepared you for carnival this bank holiday weekend! If you would like to see our full range of hats then please visit our website!


Travelling the world? Don’t forget your hat from Village Hats!



Are you thinking of going travelling this summer? Are you going to be visiting places around the world like Australia or Thailand? Have you got all your essentials? Have you thought about buying a hat that will protect your head throughout those hot days abroad? Or shield you from the wet, cold days? If you answered no to the last three questions then we have the answers for you! Here at Village Hats we have a huge selection of hats that will protect you from those harmful rays, will add style to any outfit and will make you feel like a true world explorer!! Take a look below if you don’t believe me!

First of all we have our Fedora hats, like the Messer Fedora hat in the colour tan. It has a 6cm wide brim and an 11cm high teardrop crown. A cotton sweat band is included for extra comfort and it is made from 100% wool so it would come in handy for those cold months aboard. It is also very light so you might even forget that you are wearing it! This beautiful hat also comes in grey and black, so why not find the perfect fedora for yourself before you set out on your adventure of a life time! If you would like to see our full range of Fedora hats then please visit our website.

                                            Untitled   Untitled


Next we have our Tilley Hats for those mountain climbers, like the Tilley Packable hat – T5MO in the colour olive.  This stunning hat would be perfect for travelling as it is made with a polyester mesh, this mesh helps to ventilate warm air out and allow cooler air to flow in through the hat, so it is ideal for cold or warm seasons and breathable. It also includes a chin cord so it will stay onto your head on those windy days!  These hats would be great for those extreme explorers who would need a hat to protect them and that will be comfortable for them. If you would like to see our full range of Tilley hats then please visit our website.

    Untitled  Untitled

If you would like a hat that’s light weight and can be easily folded into your bag then I would suggest a packable hat, like the Dorfman Pacific Packable Big Brim Booney hat in the colour khaki. This hat is comfortable, fast drying and lined with coolmax. It is packable so you can place it in your luggage and it will not get damaged. This hat would be perfect if you wanted to go on a long hike when travelling and wanted to keep your head protected. If you would like to see our full range of Packable hats then please visits our website.UntitledUntitled

Last but not least we have Brixton hats; this brand has some beautiful hats like the Tiller Outback hat in the colour light brown. This hat is constructed of 100% crushable wool felt and is known as a camping hat. This hat would be perfect for long hikes or fishing as it has a 3 inch wide brim so it will protect you and will make you look stylish. This hat also includes a chin cord and a cotton sweat band for extra comfort. Please visit our website if you would like to see our full range of Brixton hats.

Untitled  Untitled

We hope this blog post has inspired you! If you would like to see our full range of hats then please visit our website. Happy travels!


Village Hats Staff Picks!


Today in the office we started talking about our favourite products, so I present to you, our staff picks! Some new products, some old products, but hats that we feel are special! From wedding hats to Trilby hats and Fedoras, we have picked our favourites that we think would suit any occasion and will add a little bit of style to your outfit, make you stand out from the crowd and feel the centre of everyone’s attention!

I will start off with my favourite hat; it has to be the Whiteley Hats Naomi Occasion Hat in Black. This beautiful hat is very vintage, it would be perfect for any occasion such as weddings, general fashion or a special occasion.  This hat is very similar to what Audrey Hepburn would have worn, so it would be perfect if you were going to a fancy dress party and really wanted to look like her. Also the bow on this hat is adorable and it’s very elegant.  This hat would look beautiful with pearls as the cream and black would help to finish off your outfit and it will make you feel very beautiful! If you would like to see our full range of Wedding Hats then please visit our website.

      Untitled    Untitled

Next we have Jenaya’s favourite hat which is the Christys Hats Foldaway Fedora in brown.  It’s an awesome classic style, and can be shaped depending on your mood.  And it’s made from great quality materials in England! Also the beauty of this hat is that it is foldable so it is ideal for travelling and the brim can be styled in different ways so it creates a unique look. If you would like to see our full range of Fedoras then please visit our website.

  Untitled    Untitled

Madison has picked the beautiful Betmar Hats Joanne Trilby Hat in natural. It’s a very nice summer hat, perfect for those sunny days if you’re out shopping or for a picnic at the park! It’s so adorable with this light pink and cream ribbon; it looks like an ice cream swirl! And there is a girly bow on the side, which she loves! If you would like to see our full range of Trilby hats then please visit our website.

  Untitled    Untitled

Fatma’s favourite hat is the stunning Laulhere Hats Colette Merino Wool Beret in red. The bow on the hat is very eye catching and is great quality as it is made of 100% merino wool, so it’s super comfy and warm! The colour is very vibrant; it will make you stand out from the crowd! It is made by Laulhere which is one of the most famous French brands in the world! This hat is perfect for those last minute trips abroad, as it could easily fit into your handbag when no longer in use! It would go with any outfit and it’s so cute! If you would like to see our full range of Laulhere hats then please visit our website.


Last but not least we have Esther’s favourite hat which is the New Era 59FIFTY Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Cap. She has chosen this hat as she likes team spirit, the design on the hat and the fact that it is 100% polyester. Also she thinks that the blue jays are the best in the league! If you would like to see our full range of New Era hats then please visit our website.


We hope this post has inspired you, if you would like to see our full range of different hats then please visit our website. We also have a massive summer sale on at the moment so check it out!