Hats in films and television shows!!

This week we are going to be talking about famous hats in television shows and films that we love! From cowboy hats to flat caps and even trilby’s! So let’s start the show! Sit back, relax and grab your popcorn, as we take you through all our favourite hats from television shows and films!!


First let’s start off with one of our all time favourite films is Lawless!


This film is about two brothers that run a successful liquor business in Franklin County, but one of their friends decides that they will use their bar for illegal activities, once this happens all hell breaks loose!! In this film they show a huge selection of characters in different hats! It’s a great watch we would highly recommend it! One of the main hats in which the actors wear is the famous Fedora hat. One in particular hat that stood out to us is the one in which Forrest wears played by Tom Hardy, we have found it to be very similar to our Christy’s Hat Foldaway Fedora in the colour brown. This hat is perfect as its foldaway so you can shape this hat to which ever style suits you, or you could style it so it’s almost identical to Tom Hardy’s hat! It is made from fur felt, has a grosgrain head band included and is packable.

hattt tomh

This hat would be perfect and would really make you feel like you’re in lawless!

Next we have one of the most watch television shows of all time, The Walking Dead!

walking d

This show is about a town that has been taken over by zombies and there are only a few humans left! So they have to fight off zombies on a daily basis! It’s pretty thrilling! One of the main hats in which the two main characters wear, Rick played by Andrew Lincoln and Carl played by Chandler Riggs is the traditional Cowboy hat. One in which we have found which is also very similar is the Stetson Hats Keeline Wool Felt Cowboy Hat in the colour brown. This hat is 100% wool felt, has a leather band and feathers.

cow  ll

This hat would be perfect if you want to feel like you’re in The Walking Dead! Fighting off the zombies!

Next we have another popular television show called Breaking Bad!break

This show is about a chemistry teacher called Walter White who is diagnosed with stage three cancer and is given only two years to live, he decides he has nothing to lose. Determined to ensure that his family will have a secure future, Walt embarks on a career of drugs and crime. One of the main hats in this film in which Walter White wears who is played by Bryan Cranston is the stylish Pork Pie hat. We have the exact same hat here at Village Hats!! It is identical! You want to know the name of this amazing hat? Well it’s called The Bailey Hats Darron Crushable Pork Pie Hat in the colour black, it is made from 100% wool, has a 1 ½ wide brim and 3 ¾ crown.

haaaaa  haaa

This hat will really make you feel like you’re like Walter White! Amazing!

Last but not least we have one of the most magical films of all time, The Great Gatsby!


This film is about a young and mysterious millionaire called Jay Gatsby who has an obsession with a girl called Daisy, he trys to win her over with his money and power. One of the main characters in this film called Nick Carraway who is played by Tobey Maguire is often shown wearing an old fashioned Newsboy cap. One hat in which is very similar to this hat is the City Sport Loden Wool Newsboy Cap In the colour brown. This hat is made from 80% wool; satin lined and is made in Belgium.

haaaaaaaaa  fffff

Once you buy one of these hats you will feel fabulous! I promise!

We hope this post has inspired you! Don’t forget to visit our website to see our full range of hats!



Feel like a movie star with our selection of fabulous hats!


Have you ever watched a movie and wondered “oh where can I get that hat from? I love it” or “that hat must be very expensive as it’s in a movie but I really want it!” well guess what! We have a selection of amazing hats that you may have seen in some of your favourite films and we may have the hat you so very desire to have! So sit back, grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Let’s start with the Indiana Jones hats, we have a huge selection of these hats but my all time favourite has got to be the Indiana Jones fur felt fedora. This is the official licensed Indiana Jones™ Fedora style hat, that’s right the official one! It is 100% fur felt, has a sweat band and side pin embossment. This is the perfect hat for either a fancy dress party or every day wear, which ever you fancy! You could even wear one on a family vacation, like if you were going camping or hiking, make yourself really feel like Indiana Jones!! If you would like to see our full selection of Indiana Jones hats then please click this link


Next we have the Bowler hat; one of the most famous films that these hats are featured in is the Charlie Chaplin movies, such as Modern Time, The Kid and The Great Dictator. We sell a selection of Bowler hats; one of our most popular Bowler hats is the Christy’s fur felt bowler. They are handmade and 100% fur felt, the crown measures 4 ½ inches and the brim is 2 inches wide. It also has satin lining so it’s very comfortable and soft. If you would like to feel like Charlie Chaplin then these hats will be perfect for you! If you would like to see our full selection of Bowler hats then please click this link

   Untitled Untitled

And we can’t forget the kids; why not take a look at our cowboy hats, like our red and white Jaxon cow boy hat. Let the little ones feel like Jessie from Toy Story this summer! This adorable hat is made of 100% wool, has an adjustable chin strap and an elasticised sweat band. This hat will be perfect for that trip to Disney land where your little ones can really dress up as one of their favourite characters of all time! If you would like to see our full selection of hats for the little ones, please click this link

      Untitled Untitled

Lastly we have the Fez hat! This hat has been worn in many films such as the Austin powers movies and a night in casablanca . This hat comes in a variety of different colours and also different colour tassels. They are also perfect for any fancy dress occasion or every day wear. If you would like to see our huge selection of Fez hats then please this link

  Untitled Untitled

I hope this post has finally put your mind at rest of where you may wish to buy the hat that you have wanted for so many years! If you would like to see our full selection of hats then please visit our website



Show off your Vintage side in our stylish hats!

Have you always admired Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe’s style in hats but have never been able to find the right style for you? Well look no further! We have a selection of hats in different styles that are Vintage and cool! From cowboy hats to straw boaters to even sun hats! Why not take a look at our amazing hats below! You won’t regret it!

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One of the most beautiful straw hats in which we sell is the traditional Straw boater hat. This hat is fashionable, very vintage and comes in a selection of different designs! Check out our selection of straw boater hats by following this link!

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Next we have the cowboy hats, these hats are perfect for festivals or parties! They are a great fashion accessory whether worn forwards or backwards. You can either buy a straw cowboy hat suitable for summer or get your cowboy felt hat bought early so that you’re prepared for winter! Whichever one you fancy! It’s up to you! Check out our selection of cowboy hats by following this link!

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Now onto our straw sun hats, this is my favourite hat as it is ideal for holidays especially when you’re catching some rays on the beach and you’re getting your tan. However if you aren’t into sunbathing then they are ideal for long walks on the beach or family trips out, And yes that’s right they protect you from the sun and you will look stylish all at the same time! Brilliant! Check out our selection of straw sun hats by following this link.

  ^6A08088956D260C9223060D875EE31DD1F2064D94EAF1F0A70^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr   ^98BD3313929F8533867B11AC0C66C7072A1086A216793109C3^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

I hope this post has inspired you to let your Vintage side out and dare to be different! If you would like to see our huge selection of hats then please visit our website.


Hats in Movies – Lincoln, Django Unchained & Gangster Squad

With movies such as Lincoln, Gangster Squad and Django Unchained being release in the last month and over the coming weeks, you can see some amazing hats in films this year.  I can only imagine that costume designers have loved these period piece films to keep them busy and show off some of the famous hat styles throughout history.

Spielberg’s presidential epic, Lincoln, covers top hats.

Lincoln - Daniel Day-Lewis

Gangster Squad, with Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling has the fedora hat of the 1940’s sorted out.

Gangster Squad

Tarantino’s, Django Unchained has DiCaprio, Foxx and Waltz all sporting some awesome cowboy hats.

Django Unchained

We could even throw The Hobbit in with these movies because Gandalf has a pretty awesome wizard hat which would be a great costume.


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