What hats to wear to a wedding?!


July is a very popular season for weddings as the weather is beautiful and the flowers are blossoming. Weddings usually include a variety of guests in different hats, like top hats, fascinators or a large hat for the mother of the bride. We have picked our top favourite and most popular hats to wear to a wedding that will help to complete your outfit and will make you look gorgeous! So why not take a look below at our beautiful hats!

Let’s start with the mother of the bride, she will need a hat that will make her stand out from the crowd but that won’t make her over shadow the bride of course. One great example of this is the Jane Anne designs Lauren wedding hat in a light pink colour. This stunning hat is made from 100% sinamay straw, has a beautiful feather and flower detail on it and a tonal adjustable sweat band included for extra comfort. This gorgeous hat will go with any pink/peach outfit and will make you feel glamorous on your daughter’s special day!! Please visit our Jane Anne designs hats section on our website if you would like to see our full range

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Next for our gentlemen or the best man we have the traditional Top Hat. Like the Olney hats fur felt Top Hat, this eye catching hat is made from 100% fur felt and fully lined with satin. It has a leather sweatband included for comfort and has a 5.25 inch crown and a beautiful ribbon attached. This stunning hat would look amazing at a wedding; if you are the groom or best man it will make you feel sophisticated and smart and will complete your suit! This is one of our most popular Top Hats for weddings and you can see why! It’s beautiful! Please visit our Top Hats section on our website if you would like to see our full range.

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However if you would like something small and delicate then I would recommend a fascinator, like the Failsworth Hats Rio fascinator that comes in fuchsia and plum. This beautiful fascinator is made from 80% polyester and 20% natural fibres.  It has a stunning rhinestone and flower design, you will be the talk of the wedding and everyone will envy you! They would go with any outfit and will make you look gorgeous! Fascinators are perfect if you want something that will look pretty and small! It also has a long silver Alice band so it’s very comfortable. Please visit our Fascinator section on our website if you would like to see our full range

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Last but not least we have our Whiteley hats, perfect for a wedding as they are elegant and come in various designs. One of the most stylish hats in which we sell is the Duchess of Cambridge Pillbox which comes in the colour silver, brown and ivory. This hat is made from 100% straw, has an elasticated head band for a secure fit and also includes a grosgrain cotton sweat band for extra comfort. It was handmade in England and has even been worn by Kate Middleton! Not only will this hat look stunning with your outfit it will also make you feel like your royalty! This hat would go with any outfit; also the detail of the swirl on the top of the hat is gorgeous! This hat is a must have! Please visit our Whiteley’s section on our website to see our full range and different designs.

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We hope this has helped you to find the perfect hat for your wedding or if you are attending one as a guest! If you haven’t seen a hat that you like then please visit our website to see all our different hats in which we sell.



Look Royal This Ascot Season!!


It’s that time of year once again, the event that everyone is talking about… Ascot! And what perfect way to celebrate Ascot then to dress up, as the saying goes dress to impress!  So if you want to feel like one of the royals, want to wear something big and bright, or small and delicate then we have the perfect selection for you! Have a look at our fabulous hats below I dare you!!!

Let’s start with the ladies hats; if you want to look sophisticated then the pillbox hats are the perfect choice. With their beautiful designs and lace detail you will be sure to feel elegant. One of my favourite pill box hats is the Madison pillbox hat in black and ivory, this stunning hat is made from sinamay straw and has a decorative flower. It also has a veil to add a vintage effect to your outfit! Perfect or what! And it’s very similar to Kate Middleton hat! If you would like to see our selection of pillbox hats then please click this link

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However if you would like a big and beautiful hat then a brand that I must suggest is Jane Anne designs. They have a huge selection of different styles and colours! You will be spoilt for choice. For example the Martha Disk Fascinator is a great choice as it is made from sinamay straw and has decorative bow and feathers, It has a satin Alice band inside for that extra comfort feel. The crown slopes upwards on the left side of the hat peaking at 5cm high so you will be seen from miles away! This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd! And it is similar to Carole Middleton’s Hat! Amazing! If you would like to see our selection of Jane Anne Design hats then please click this link

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Now we cannot forget the traditional wedding hat, one of the best brands that demonstrates this is Failsworth.  If you want a hat that isn’t too big or small and you want to feel like the queen this ascot season then this style is the one for you! Take a look at the Erika wedding hat, this hat is also made out of 100% sinamay straw and has self fabric strips of bows at the front and stripped quills to add a unique feel, it also includes an adjustable cord on the inside for extra comfort. Fabulous! If you would like to see our selection of Failsworth hats then please click this link

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Last but not least we cannot forget the gentlemen’s hat; the perfect choice would be the top hat.  Traditionally worn at Royal Ascot the top hat is sophisticated and always creates the right impression, they can be worn with a suit or waist coat and trousers. One of our most popular top hats for ascot is the Christy’s fur felt top hat in grey. This stunning hat made from the finest materials by the legendary English manufacturer and is 100% fur felt.  It has a curved brim measures approximately 5cm wide and has grosgrain edging, it also includes a leather sweat band. Look how smart Prince Edward the Duke of Kent looks in one! Perfect choice! If you would like to see our selection of top hats then please click this link

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has given you a few ideas of what to wear at ascot! and look even the animals are getting into the royal season feel!! If you would like to see our huge selection of hats then please visit our website

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What’s Important When Choosing A Wedding Hat

Wedding Fascinator
Wedding Fascinator

Village Hats recently conducted a survey to find out what females look for when choosing a wedding hat and what’s important when considering their choice. Village Hats wanted to know if standing out from the crowd or price and quality were most important, see the top things to consider below:

A fascinator is more my style

The majority of ladies preferred to wear a fascinator rather than a traditional wedding hat. Fascinators are a small decorated headpiece that fits on the head using an alice-band-type base or elasticated band. Typically fascinators are lightweight and usually decorated with feathers, beads or flowers. Ladies prefer the less structured design that compliments an outfit and can be incorporated into a hairstyle rather than hiding the hairstyle like a wedding hat. Fascinators became popular in the 1990’s as an alternative to traditional wedding hats and have continued to grow in popularity as Village Hats survey results show.

A subtle accessory to complement an outfit

In contrast to the wedding hats seen worn by celebrities in magazines, Village Hats survey found that a lot more ladies prefer their wedding hats to be a subtle accessory that enhances the overall look rather than dominating it. A subtle looking wedding hat can be in a neutral colour that blends with the colour of your outfit. Alternatively matching your wedding hat to a chosen colour in your outfit compliments the overall look. Bold patterns, prints and decorations tend to draw the eye away from your outfit.

A reasonable price and good quality are essential

In tough economic times or with a number of weddings to attend in a year it can be hard to justify spending money on a new hat. However, our survey found that females are encouraged to buy a wedding hat if the price is right and the quality is good. Why spend a lot of money on a hat for a wedding that may only be worn once a year or every few years. Fascinators can be the cheaper option than traditional wedding hats but this is not always the case. Whatever the preferred style a reasonable price and good quality wedding hat is essential.

I want to stand out from the crowd

Of course there are some ladies who really like to stand out in the crowd.  Village Hats survey found that it is important for a few ladies, but not all, to have a wedding hat that stands out more than their outfit. Typically wedding hats with bright colours, bold patterns or grand designs that completely contrast the colours in your outfit achieve this look. You could also consider a black wedding hat, which is much less of a fashion faux par these days. However, some ladies are still less willing to take the risk, but if you dare to be different a black wedding hat works. A wedding hat that makes you stand out does not have to break the bank either, ladies still want a bold look at a reasonable price and good quality.

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